Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA

byDesign brings integrity and vision back to the music scene. We do not write "feel good" music, we compose music that promotes action and change. We are not people pleasers, we are LEADERS that are not afraid to actually STAND for something. Let's laugh, live, and change our futures together.


Cascada meets Coldplay meets Anberlin. Yup.. interesting.

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Written By: Emily DeBoer, Jacob DeBoer

Ocean meets the skyline
and I am left undone
You are every thought
and whisper in my silence
I will let You scream

I can hear violins in the distance
and through the violence
I can almost hear the children sing

follow the stars in wonder
search out the mysteries
trace the powerlines
come back to me

but can I tell You
that at times
I've tried letting go of You
but I know You're always there
(and You'll never leave)