[LudiSTELO] one of the hottest rock bands in S. Korea!
It may sound strange describing one’s music as a combination of mother nature embracing rock spirit that performs in an electronic set.
Well, Ludistelo does it. When they start to perform, you can notice that the air surrounding you has changed rapidly – filled with beautiful excitement.
Their debut album EXPERIENCE was sold out in an hour at MIDEM 2014 which makes this band more promising.


BYE BYE BADMAN were debut in 2010 when they were only 20 years old.
They were nominated for a series of rock festivals and awards, like a 'Rock and Roll Superstar' in 2010 Valley Rock Festival, a 2011 EBS Hello Rookie, 'rookie of the year' in the Korea Music Award, the 32nd artist of Naver-Onstage, and a rising indie-star of Daum-music.

BYE BYE BADMAN is still a kind of dream for a lot of young people who want to organize their bands. Their music has a marked individuality based on 80’s British rock. And this is the reason why a lot of media and fashion editors have been crazed about them throughout Asia.

BYE BYE BADMAN called the "icon of spirit", self-produced their second EP Album [Because I Want To] of May in 2013. They are still the the most sought-after musician for various rock festivals in Korea.


1st EP [Bye Bye Badman] Jan.7.2011

1st Album [Light Beside You] Nov.3.2011

2nd EP [Because I Wnat To] May.2.2013

Set List

about 30Min
1. She Don't Know
2. Swimming Pool
3. Decalcomanie
4. Yellow Lights
5. Strange Love Song
6. L.O.W