Bye Bye Bicycle

Bye Bye Bicycle


catchy Swedish west coats indie pop


For almost a decade Bye Bye Bicycle’s been writing songs from the little coastal village of Bovallstrand on the Swedish west coast. When they started out the youngest member had just turned 11, and writing songs were mostly about the detest of going to school with people that had no idea about pop music. But pretty soon the band found out that they had ambitions much larger than that, they were going to be best of their kind and started to rehearse every day.

Today, several years later Bye Bye Bicycle just finished and released their fantastic debut album ”Compass”, recorded together with Swedish top producer Mattias Glavå. The album took over 2 years to record, something, that for the band was really nothing special at all. Not since their ambitions was to release an album which they really felt that they could be proud of.

About ”Compass”, you can say that it’s got a theme all over the album and artwork that is about travelling. Compass describes 10 different feelings and 10 different places. After graduation all of Bye Bye Bicycle’s friends went out to see the world, but the band knew they had to travel in another way. And that’s how Compass was made, it’s an inner journey.

Bye Bye Bicycle may be one of many new bands out there today, but with their catchy disco pop tunes and their brilliant live performance’s they’ve already shown Sweden why they are about to fulfil all of their ambitions!


Compass - album 2009