By Hook or Crook

By Hook or Crook


We're a high energy Alternative country bands with heartfelt songs that are good for drinking and dancing. We appeal to almost any age group and we have a dang good time playing together.


We've been playing together for about three and a half years, been through three drummers and four bass players. This is the strongest lineup we have ever had and unlike some bands, there's no ego here. We're having a good time and trying to make sure everyone watching us does too.


The Eudora E.P. (2007)
Missouri Loves Company (2009)

Set List

Ghost of you
We are not vessels; We are missiles
Your Math Rocks
On Again Off Again (cover)
Heartbroke Boogaloo
Missouri State Tombstone
Too Long
American Girl (cover)

we generally only do two covers, we only do covers we think we can reproduce in an awesome fashion.