By Morning

By Morning


5 Guys that create hooks and melodies that get stuck in your head for days. Positive rock music that leaps over genre labels to create a sound that is true and original.


In an attempt to separate themselves from the teeming mass of indistinguishable rock bands, Asheville, NC’s By Morning has developed a persona that not only allows them to remain "rock", but also appeal to a wider variety of listeners. But By Morning is much more than rock. Thick, clear guitar runs and hook harmonies are backed up by a rhythm section that does more than just act as a backbone - it sends the music over the edge. What results is active and moving music that appeals to the high-energy heads and those that appreciate something they can sing along to.

In 2005 the local Asheville music scene was changing. Brandon Lowery was doing a solo project and was looking for a backup band. He asked Tim McGill, Lee White, and Brad Gaddy to fill out the job. After several months of rehearsals and local shows, the four realized that there was something more to the music and their friendship. Brandon laid down his solo project and By Morning is the final result.

In March of 2006, By Morning entered the studio with Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, Far-Less, and about 350 more) to record their EP, Illustrations. The EP is a strong set of songs with catchy hooks and powerful songs structures.

In April of 2006 Brandon Burney came onboard as second guitarist. This move allowed Brandon Lowery to focus on lead vocals. In ealry June 2006, Allan Quinton joined on as full time drummer.

By Morning has shared the stage with a wide range of music genres: Sanctity (Roadrunner Records), Look What I Did (Combat), The Bangkok 5 (Universal Records), and many more local and regional bands.


Illustrations EP - 2006

Set List

Away From the Limelight
Built This House
Pick Up the Pieces
Crew of Sleepless Nights