By Proxy

By Proxy


By Proxy's sound is a bit punk, a bit folk, & a smattering of rock with just enough poetic sass. Retro Alternative at its core and with a sound that belongs on a early 90's rock compilation album, By Proxy can't help but be too cool yet too late to the party.

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Set List

1. What Comes to Pass (approx 4 min)
2. Couchbed (approx 3.5 min)
3. Eyes (approx 5-6 min)
4. Sugar/Bitter (approx 4-5 min)
5. Undressed (Salt cover, approx 4-5 min)
6. Hangover (approx 4.5 min)
7. Last Song (approx 4-5 min)
8. Couldn't Decide (approx 3-4 min)