Byrds on a Wyre

Byrds on a Wyre


Byrds on a Wyre takes mindful, life conscious lyrics and backs it with dramatic chord progressions and bass lines followed by powerful drum rolls. A foundation built through collaboration with and explosion of composition.


Byrds on a Wyre debute in 2004 and already their ready for big thing...

The band currently consists of Kenya, Alice, Hector and Danny. Kenya has been playing music for more than fifteen years, starting the Trumpet; when she went to elementry school. Kenya is often thought of as a free spirited person who always trys new things. Kenya enjoys playing jazz, reggae, R&B, rock and folk. The energy and personality she brings on stage forces all eyes on her.

Alice has been playing the double bass and electric bass for 9 years. Alice enjoys playing reggae, ska, and anything with a groove. She also plans to master all stringed instruments.

Danny has been playing drums for ten years and counting. Danny enjoys playing rock, reggae, funk, anything fast and hard hitting.

Alice may look innocent but don't blink because on stage she explode with a burst of energy. Hector hands seem as if they have a mind of their own when he plays and Danny makes music with his drum grooves and funky sounds. Kenya and Alice have great chemistry together giving them great sounding music. Both classically trained, giving them the back bone needed to write great compositions.

Kenya's Powerful Vocals, Hector's aggressive leads, Alice's clever bass lines and Danny's smashing drum rolls will satisfy any music lovers appetite.



Written By: Kenya Mighty

You know I love you boy so much
I even love your tender touch
There's something I just got to say
I need to get it out the way

I hate the way you chew your gum
And never even offer some and where's the milk you left me none, oh no
I'm tired of al your lies, I'm always asking questions why and what the hell is on your mind,
oh no


Byrds on a Wyre's Anywhere But Home compilation is out now!
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Set List

Well, our set usually can go on for an hour. We play our orginals followed by a few covers that are intergrated into the set periodically.