Byrgeau Noil

Byrgeau Noil


I'm the screaming, the hollering, the crooning inside of everyone that they fear - I'm not dubstep , I'm not songs about summer love, I'm not a pop musician. I'm a musician who will make you dig into yourself and pull out some sadness any one can appreciate. Grungey, Sad folk music you could die to


My name is Max Popoff and I'm Byrgeau Noil.

I've been playing gigs for 6 years in the Denver area and surrounding regions. I floated about for too long as a singer in the Denver Hardcore Music scene, finding myself both confused and unsatisfied after every show. I'd drive home, sore from leaping off of stages, still in bright pink dresses I'd worn for a whole tour's worth of shows, and I'd listen only to Elliott Smith, Pedro the Lion, Nick Drake and the Pixies.

I have something primal and sad within me, that I yelled about every night in heavy bands - but not on my own terms. I began writing a demo's worth of songs in 2011 and recording in my basement, in a completely different format - Folk/Grunge/Singer Songwriter

I bought a 1901 M Schultz Pump Organ at a thrift store, found a barely working 1970 Univox Tube Guitar Head and Cabinet and started playing shows.

With the support of a burgeoning Denver Music Scene behind me, I stood alone on stage to strum and wail about my fears, sadness, vices, and losses - and luckily people in and around Denver seem to love feeling sad like me.


Weakly from Below E.P. Compilation 2011

Set List

That You Want
Butcher's Daughter
Between The Bars (Elliott Smith)
Tax it