Byron McKedy and The Bandits

Byron McKedy and The Bandits

 Harrah, Oklahoma, USA

Byron's show consists of Waylon Jennings songs, "outlaw/traditional" country songs and original songs. Byron has had so much positive feedback from audiences everywhere. Byron puts on an energizing and crowd pleasing show! If you enjoy the "outlaw" country sound then Byron's show is for you!


Byron is originally from Piedmont, Ok and currently resides in Harrah, OK. Byron has been the lead guitar player and pedal steel guitar player in many bands over the past 20 plus years and everytime he would sing in these bands he always had people telling him that he sounded like Waylon Jennings and asking him to please sing more. So, Byron finally put together his own band with him as the front man, singing a lot of Waylon Jennings songs as well as songs by other "outlaw" country artists such as David Allen Coe, etc. as well as his original material. Byron has captured that authentic 70's "outlaw country" sound. Byron has a top of the line, full PA system for use at gigs that do not provide a PA. In addition to a full band performance, Byron is also available for solo/acoustic performances (i.e. just him with acoustic/electric guitar).
Byron McKedy and The Bandits put on an energizing and crowd pleasing show and has had positive reviews from audiences everywhere! Nobody does Waylon Jennings songs better than Byron McKedy except for Waylon Jennings himself!


Currently recording a CD that will be out soon

Set List

Waylon Jennings Songs
other "outlaw country" songs by artists such as David Allen Coe
Original Material that have that "outlaw" country sound