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By The Wayside


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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Spook, refreshing & Melodic"

Very cool spooky intro! I love the the melody played by guitar and sung at the same time. The huge chorus with sweet harmonies is great, I love it. The lyrics are dark and depressing but sung convincingly. The highlight of this song is the awesome sound the band creates, the singing and all around musicianship.

I like the ideas, and I love the shivers up the spine chorus... great stuff.

-Long Time Waiting - Allyoop AUSY (Australlia)

"Stick It on Repeat"

Wow! This song was so good I had to listen a second time. where to start? Well the opening guitar part really sets a good mood
and when the vocals enter I'm hooked. Y ou guys really do good at messing with the dynamics, the slow buildup into the chorus is perfect. The drums are really rocking something i didnt expect from this genre awesome job. great mixing job. great songwriting it really hooks you in. The chourus is as melodic and infectious as the verse and the screamer isnt too loud and mixing in perfectly with the singing. If you guys arent #1 i will be surprised - Garage


Our album: Say Goodbye to What We Once Knew
Our Singles: Long Time Waiting, Where you Rested, Thanks for the Fairy-Tale Ending, and Lovesick Suicide.

Lovesick Suicide, Where you rested and Long Time Waiting have all been played on the edge 103.9



By the Wayside was formed while in college at ASU 2004. Played lots of shows and got a really good response so they built a studio in Phoenix Arizona and recorded their own CD. Think it turned out pretty good too. What is different about By the Wayside?? Many things! They think that corporate America is ruining the music scene. It sucks to listen to the radio, hear a song you don’t like 1000 times, and then catch yourself singing it later.. Its like finishing a meal that tastes horrible and then ordering seconds.. That is why By the Wayside doesn’t force their music on anyone. On MYSPACE they only added people who requested friendship. They never went through and clicked on 100,000 people that they didn’t know just to find the 5 people that like their sound. Now their Myspace page is 100% effective because every friend they have actually likes our music. If you like good music you will hear about them eventually and hopefully it’s your choice to check them out. By the Wayside sounds like bands they listen to: Taking Back Sunday, Something Corporate, NOFX, Weezer, Brand New, Sublime, Reel Big Fish, and Green Day.

Thank you By the Wayside for caring about the average music listener!
Richard Nixon