Bzwanyubz Tribe

Bzwanyubz Tribe


The music of BZWANYUBZ TRIBE emphasises good moral values based on the concept of African pride. The very spiritual but catchy songs of the tribe are compositions by the king himself, ‘Dzorobzarabza’ and have a deep pedi influence.


brand that promotes African indigenous instrument, arts and heritage through music, poetry & storytelling. Originally, it started of as a band that performs and records African music. It was founded by Sebone Rangata from the Limpopo Province. He is popularly known as ‘Dzorobzarabza’- the King of the BZWANYUBZ TRIBE. The Bzwanyubz Tribe name is unique, tribal, and catchy. A few years ago, there was a need for a street lingo that signified freedom, assertiveness and pride. The township youngsters believed that if you spoke with the American accent, you were superior to the rest therefore, Sebone ‘Dzorobzarabza’, created the SBZOROBZA lingo which immediately became popular. More and more people where opening up to this idea of free expression in the new lingo. As a result, many people in the Gheddo (Townships) can now bzabza (speak) the lingo. ‘As different as we all are, music is our meeting place where we can enjoy what each individual has to offer’, that is why the BZWANYUBZ TRIBE collaborates with various bands and musicians.. The very spiritual but catchy songs of the tribe are compositions by the king himself, ‘Dzorobzarabza’ and have a deep pedi influence. Some of his compositions, ‘Africa Haye’ & ‘Babuyile Bomma’ were released internationally in the Drumcafe compilation album that also featured Wendy Oldfield. The king has been touring with Drumcafe for over 10 years and his involvement with them moved him to look deeper into his culture and musical abilities.
In 2006, the BZWANYUBZ TRIBE joined the Nokwe Creative Development Foundation (NCDF) that houses a number of grassroots community arts projects which have been developed in stages; from amateur to semi-professional up to professional levels. The first level of development, Amajika Youth and Children Arts, was founded in 1976 during the Soweto uprisings. Dzorobzarabza entered NCDF at the second level of mentorship and skills transfer as a volunteer for Amajika. He also joined a research team for indigenous instruments (Umakhweyana, Storotoro and others) - a program that was supported by the U.S. Ambassador’s fund for cultural preservation in 2005-2007.

The music of the BZWANYUBZ TRIBE is light hearted, fresh and rhythmic with melodious intricate harmonies. This tribe has a bright future and is the first indigenous band to be influential to the young generation. It is passionate about the restoration of our ancient wisdom through song, poetry and storytelling. The BZWANYUBZ TRIBE is here to spread the message of humility and the spirit of togetherness, as the Zulu saying goes: ‘Injobo enhle ithungelwa ebandla‘- meaning ‘in working together and sharing ideas joyously, we can make beautiful things’.



Set List

1 to 3 sets of 45mins - 1hour per set.
18 to 25 songs per show depending on the set-up and brief of client.