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C2C is a Dj's band : 4 times DMC world champions (2003-2006) and 1time ITF (2005) They use their turntables as instruments.
4 members : 20syl, DJ Greem, DJ Pfel & DJ Atom
After 5 years without any apparition, they come back with a new album & a new show.


C2C have been fourth times in a row DMC Dj World Champions from 2003 to 2006. They have also won many other competitions along the way (ITF, Hip Hop World Challenge...).
The French quartet is composed of DJ Greem, DJ Atom, DJ Pfel & 20Syl and each of them use their turntables as real instruments, recreating drums, scratching riffs of guitar and bass or shearing the brass, to lead to a harmony similar to that of traditional bands.

C2C's rise, has led them to perform all around the world with the likes of Q-Bert, A- Track, The Scratch Perverts & DJ Vadim to name a few. Exploiting to the maximum their human skills alongside their equipment.

The C2C shows as we know them are mainly about linking all kinds of music through their musical and technical dexterity. The many routines give way to live compositions creating an orchestra solely composed of deck-nicians.

The band was recognized by a large audience just by sharing the videos of their battles and especially their DMC 2005 set with almost 4 millions views only on YouTube. They then toured in clubs all over the world before putting for a few years all their energy into creating two dinstinct projects : Hocus Pocus (20syl / Dj Greem) & Beat Torrent (Dj Pfel / Dj Atom).

Today their are in the process of recording their first album as well as preparing their new Tour.

Stay Tuned !


- New EP will be released worldwide on January 23rd 2012
- New Album will be released next may 2012