C4L aka Christ 4 Life

C4L aka Christ 4 Life

BandHip HopGospel

im the next hottest r&b hip hop singer performer dancer and producer that is gonna hit the streets with the holy ghost


my music is for the lord but its all types of styles which separtes me from the rest first i got west coast gangsta then i got the r and b then i have the cal west coast then i got the smooth hip hop then i got dirt south then i have worship and then a club hit i can sing write lyrics dance and rap and even get in the mix of producing


i havent got any radio play yet i have been do this music for about ten years but the lord has been hold until its the right time to finish my album which comes out in may 2008 blood sweat and tears first single christ west music gonna drop in a few months

Set List

i have 11 songs about 4 mins a piece and my cover is me in a pentoten with to guys with fethers looking up and you know i got my shine on