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C4R is a high-energy Christian rapper. He loves the stage and loves God which mixees and turns into a very exciting set to watch, listen, and get into. He is young and conneects with the youth easily and finds ways to get adults involved as well.


C4R stands for Cole 4 a Reason. His real name is Edward Cole Abell. Since birth he has gone by Cole and feels that God has a reason for that. Just like God has a reason for every single person on this planet. C4R started in 2010 writing fastfood raps for fun. He began to write for Christ and started using youtube beats to express himself for fun. He finally decicided to do his first mixtape in 2011. The mixtape is called "Remixing the World." It contains 25 secular songs that C4R has remixed to give them a spiritual meaning and purpose. He is now in the process of writing his first cd titled "The Main Event." C4R has ministered with such names as Point 5, Slugger Roo, Red Jordan, A Feast for Kings, and many More.C4R has been said to sound like KJ-52,Manafest,and secular artist Mac Miller. His manager is Brandon Chappell and can be contacted at 618-946-4174.


C4R has his whole "Remixing the World" mixtape on youtube for your listening pleasure. Some of his personal favorites are "Stronger," "Show Goes On," "Love the Way You Lie," and "Strange Clouds." He has been played on the local college radio station on sunday mornings.