CategorySix is a collective group of talented musicians living in North Carolina with the hopes of making it big and play around the world.


Since Jan.2005 This band has been putting the "ROCK" back into "ROCK & ROLL" all over eastern NC..From the strong Lead vocals and guitar playing from Chris "ASS" Jones, the smooth vocal Harmonies and bass playing from Chris Jenkins, mixed with the "Legendary" drumming from Joey Prescott and the Rocking guitar playing and awsome backup vocals from Shawn Mitchell the only possible result that could come from this combination is lasting impressions of good music and great times. Having Chris "ASS" and Joey formally of the band "PMF" getting together with Chris Jenkins from the band "Doubletapp" and Shawn Mitchell from Far From Nowhere the guys have brought the "HEAT" when it comes to playing out Live. CategorySix loves making music and playing music for any and everyone.


EP -"Down to the River"
99.5 The X - New Bern, NC (252-636-9967)
105.5 Carolina's Pure Rock, - New Bern, NC

Set List

This is a (Ruff cut) 3 Hours of music set list; Originals and Covers

Stone Temple Pilots - 1. Sex Type Things
Bush - 2. Little Things
Jimmy Hendrix - 3. Watchtower
Original 4. Ho!
Original 5. A day in the life
Lit - 6. My own worst enemy
Bush - 7. Machine Head
Tonic - 8. If you could only see
Green Day - 9. Basket Case
Original - 10. Sorry
Original - 11. I can do dissa
Cracker - 12. Low
Original - 13. Never Know
Original - 14. Fishbone
Everclear - 15. Santa Monica
Original - 16. Funky kinda love
Violent Flemmes17. Blister
Original - 18. No show loco
Fuel - 19. Shimmer
Green Day - 20. American Idiot
Unknown artist 21. Gel
Stone Temple Pilots 22. Vasoline
Original - 23. Life
Original - 24. Angels
Original - 25. Smack
Velvet Revolver - 26. Slither
Original - 27. Out of my head
Original - 28. Bleeding from your soul
Original - 29. Down by the river
Original - 30. John Doe
Original - 31. Out of the Box
Buckcherry - 32. Lit up