C9 (Cloud 9)

C9 (Cloud 9)

 New York City, New York, USA
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We are Hip-Hop, and Punk Rock, Grass Roots and Spoken Word, Rock and Alternative; we are whatever makes us feel right at the moment.


Cloud 9 has slept in dingy upstairs flats presiding above venues forever masked in the smell of stale beer. Cloud 9 has shared lavished hotel rooms comp’ed by clients on opposite coasts. We rub shoulders with acclaimed musicians sharing stages of epic proportions to sold out crowds. We’ve lugged P.A. systems and half stacks and all the back line accoutrements hundreds of miles to play with bands known only to us for people enticed by drink specials. We are brothers, enemies, and role models to each other, yet an unwavering alliance to all else. We inspire each other with the greatest commonality instilled in all of us, a passion, whatever genre it may be, for music. We are Hip-Hop, and Punk Rock, Grass Roots and Spoken Word, Rock and Alternative; we are whatever makes us feel right at the moment. We lack boundaries and restrictions and indulge in diversity and contradiction. We like money and love fun, chase freedom in its purist form, and realize that without ears music is silence. Faced with this reality, we deliver every night at every show, a set that reminds our fans why they drive all over to follow us and convinces new listeners to call shot gun. Cloud 9 is what ever you call where you’re from a great experience. Gas is often not cheap and deer can do a whole lot of damage to a tour bus, but nothing will stop Cloud 9’s progress. Via land, air, or sea, thumb up or first class, Cloud 9 will do more than just keep keeping on. Cloud 9 will bring an evolution to your eardrum and redefine what you call a BAND..


How Ya Livin'

Written By: C9

We got a buzz goin on but it aint in the proof
Got the world lifted but ain't weed induced
this mix match of talent ya'll be pheenin our words
our facts is black and white we lookin like the spurs
with the ability
to duff you like hillary
3 times a charm cloud 9 the trilogy
straight to the top reachin higher then the ceilin be
hype is type real its only right that you feelin me
moves mathmatical instincts I'm an animal
tracks is red meat I eat um up like a canibal
ya'll need a better attitude
we up on Cloud 9 an increase in the latitude
thanks to the fans these tracks a form of gratitude
still hatin on the cause....yo what's the matter dude?
come on how ya feelin
nah really how ya feelin
if your feelin like im feelin throw your hands to the ceilin

how ya livin
how ya livin
we chillen on cloud 9
how ya livin
how ya livin
just chillen on cloud 9
lovin livin while we livin cause we livin it up
we chillen on cloud 9
how ya livin
how ya livin
just chillen on cloud 9

This here, is hip hop's manifesto
keepin it retro
relax let the ses blow
to my people from the burbs to the ghetto
pushin vets, or gettin pushed on the metro
cloud 9 rise like the price of petro
since the get go
been like the gecko
insure my fams future is bright like art deco
dogs come along like a trip to petco
i'm what's been missin like X to techno
Eggs to eggo's, endo to merlot
presto spread the flavor like pesto
impress so we hit the show like Ross Perot, All ears get it bro
hetero with hellaflow
keep X's in line like Tic Tac Toe
money on my mind like get that dough
and even if i go you gonna hear my echo.....echo.......echo......echo


Cloud 9 we defined as something sublime
you use to unwind whenever you find your losin your mind or just got time to kill
find a dime and a blunt to spill
a few limes and a couple of coronas to chill
do what you want
do what you will
do as you please
take it with it ease
live while your alive why? (why?)
life ain't gaurenteed (for real)

cause when it comes down to it we all livin to die
so live today for today go on and give it a try
see we make our own rules cause they're ours to break
and average ain't gonna cut it gotta strive to be great
took a shot at the world
mighta made a mistake
but you miss every single shot that you dont take, so dont hate me, for livin my dream
there's room for everyone let me hear ya scream

(Chorus X2)

Longer Days

Written By: Cloud 9

I'll be makin my way
the last monday in may
to a sunny little spot and let the music play
cause I've been countin the snowflakes
and dreamin of clam bakes
flank steaks shrimp on the barbi and crab cakes
watchin waves break to the music my band makes
hugs and handshakes a toast to the heat
barbeques in the street
sand and bear feet
even with this sunburn I'm enjoyin the heat so.....

Grab me a brew from the Igloo
and let's add some heat to the grill
no shirt no shoes no problems here
tiki candles sandles time of year
I tickle my six string
sip on a stiff drink
we can lose our cares with our shirts
put on my sun shades
thank the sun rays
for longer days and short skirts

Relax and feel the breeze blow shoo the misqitoes
I'm sittin poolside sippin on a mojito
I got three long months of clear blue skies
find a shady spot and watch the mercury rise
collapse in the grass
watch the world pass
grab a frosted glass and ask


You find a spot to chill and I'll kick it
make a little mischief to the sound of the crickets
hope the dog days of summer last a little longer
the sun gets weaker while the drinks get stronger
take time for the hammock under the trees
before tank tops turn into long sleeves
and long legs get covered up by their jeans
summer time friends gonna leave with the leaves


..... I put on my sun shades
and thank the sun rays
for longer days and short skirts........


Trials and Tribulations - 2003
Up State of Mind - 2005
Cloud 9 - 2007
Evolution #9 - 2009

Set List

Our set list is always an intimate process. We choose songs and order in relation to the venue in which we perform. On average our shows are 13 to 15 songs. we have 6 to 7 back bone songs that guide our structure. How ya livin, Longer days, Love sucks, Ball and Chain, Cryin Shoulder, Brace Yourself, and Trials and Tribulations are our back bone songs with Ketchup, the dream, come on in, exhale, workin mans blues, 1998, and keep keepin on: ordered around them based on time constraints and venue mood. We dont often cover songs but when we do we choose songs that can add energy or emmotion to a part of our set that might need a touch of public support ie what i got (sublime), dammit (Blink 182) .Our set for the most part is a rollercoaster of sound untill the last stretch where we feel the crowd is ready to move around and participate in which we aim at high energy, fun songs geared twords crowd and band interaction.

Cryin Shoulder
Brace Yourself
Come On In
Ball and Chain