C.A. Andersen

C.A. Andersen


Like a '32 coupe with a flathead engine, revved up full throttle at the corner of Old Skool Country and Punk, a hoodlum behind the wheel and rock n' roll blasting out of the radio with harmonies and hooks that make the kittens purr and the squares run for cover.


C.A. Andersen is a musician, singer, songwriter and a Native of Madison, WI. He has been in the spotlights and the shadows of the southern Wisconsin music scene since the 1980's.

In the last 10 years, C.A. played guitar and sang for THE TICKS from 2001 - 2003, and currently plays with THE REBUILTS since 2004. THE REBUILTS are a Rock n' Roll band influenced by Rockabilly, Punk and Old Skool Country and features Skip Peer on vocals. C.A. has been the main songwriter, plays guitar and sings background and some lead vocals. THE REBUILTS released the "Four On The Floor" E.P. in 2007, all four tracks writen by C.A. It was well received by Critics and Fans, including "Top 10 of 2007" the Leopard Print Lounge show, WORT 89.9 Madison WI and two features in the Isthmus newspaper and website by Tom Laskin.
One of his songs, "Sad Little Girl" was awarded first place in the Alternative category of the Madison Songwriters Group 2002 Song Contest. In 2004, his song "Call Girl Shuffle" was awarded third place (Alternative category) in the Midwest Song Contest. In 2007, THE REBUILTS version of "Sad Little Girl" was featured in the "Mad Fabricators Society Vol. 5" DVD.

Currently C.A. is preparing to go back in the studio with THE REBUILTS and concentrating on writing and recording new (solo) music at his home studio. Look and listen for new music in the near future by C.A. Andersen.


Sad Little Girl

Written By: C. Andersen, Howlin' Sound BMI

It was a hot summer day
Coming out of the woods
at the park, from a distance
She looked like she'd been raped

Her clothes were falling off
She was yelling and waiving her arms, so I stopped to see if she was OK.

I saw the black circles under her eyes
She asked if I could give her a ride
She couldn't have been more than 21
Her life had become what she once did for fun

SAD LITTLE GIRL with tracks in her arms.......

Call Girl Shuffle

Written By: C. Andersen, Howlin' Sound BMI

And she's walking my way
Putting on a display
I ain't got any money
If it's pay for play
She's not a working girl
But she always get paid......

Watch her walk, watch her walk
Watch her walk
I feel like Pavlov's dog...........


THE REBUILTS, Four On The Floor E.P. (2007)
"Sad Little Girl" (From "Four on the Floor" E.P.) featured on MAD FABRICATORS SOCIETY VOL. 5, DVD (2007)