C.A. Andersen / THE REBUILTS

C.A. Andersen / THE REBUILTS

 Verona, Wisconsin, USA


C.A. Andersen is a musician, singer, songwriter, rust repairer and a native of Madison, WI. He has been in the spotlights and the shadows of the Madison music scene since the 1980's.
One of his songs, ' Sad Little Girl ', was awarded first place in the Alternative category of the Madison Songwriters Group 2002 Song Contest. In 2004 his song 'Call Girl Shuffle' was awarded 3rd place (Alternative category) in the Midwest Song Contest. In 2007, THE REBUILTS version of "Sad Little Girl" was featured in the Mad Fabricators Society Vol. 5 DVD.
C.A. played guitar and sang for THE TICKS from 2001 to 2003. Recently he played with THE REBUILTS from 2004 -2009. THE REBUILTS are a Rock n' Roll band influenced by Rockabilly, Punk and Old School Country, featuring Skip Peer on vocals. C.A. was the main songwriter, played guitar and sang background and some lead vocals. THE REBUILTS released The "Four On The Floor" E.P. in 2007, all four tracks written by C.A.. It was well received by Critics and Fans, including "Top 10 list of 2007" by Jenni, Leopard Print Lounge Hostess, WORT 89.9 Madison WI, and two features in the Isthmus newspaper and website by Tom Laskin. THE REBUILTS shared the stage with THE SUPERSUCKERS, THÂ’ LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS, BIG JOHN BATES AND THE VOODOO DOLLS, COUCH FLAMBEAU, KNUCKLEDRAGER and THE DRUNK DRIVERS.
THE REBUILTS will be releasing a full length album in 2010, recorded over 3 days at HOWL STREET STUDIO, Milwaukee. This album is the pinnacle of the 16 years C.A. and Skip spent building and working on the band. The musicianship and live energy come across on this recording, showing off this lineup of the band at its peak, and as it looks at this moment, going out at the top of their game.
Currently C.A. is concentrating on writing and recording new music in his home studio, with plans for a new band and some live shows to follow.
Look and listen for new music in the near future by C.A. Andersen.