Cab 20

Cab 20

 El Segundo, California, USA

Cab 20 is a young rock band with vintage rock and roll sound. Often compared to The White Stripes and The Black Keys, yet having a feeling all their own. The entire band is joined by a love for Queens Of The Stone Age, but also draws on different personal influences to create a unique sound.


Cab 20 is one of the youngest up and coming bands in the Southern California independent music scene. Hailing from the small beach town community of El Segundo, Bert Hoover, Eric Contreras, and Jason Almanza create a whirlwind of modern sound that manages to evoke memories of music much before their time.

As young veteran musicians, everything about the band’s existence has been grassroots. Even their debut album Dirty Smiles was put together without the normal music business thought process of record sales or lead singles. Released in local mom and pop music stores and on iTunes in mid-2010, Dirty Smiles features catchy songs such as the popular “Gravedigger,” as well as several other tracks that showcase the bands modern, yet retro sound. With a shared love for rock bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age and The Black Keys, as well as old blues artists like Howlin' Wolf and Son House, Cab 20's music is lyrically powerful and sonically pleasing, while maintaining an edge that rivals that of musicians twice their age. The band's love for vintage sounds stretches far beyond that of simply enjoying old music, with the band using vintage musical equipment and even releasing their debut album on vinyl.

Fresh out of high school, Cab 20 has stayed active, self producing and releasing recorded music, as well as playing shows all around the greater Los Angeles area from record stores to Hollywood clubs. Embraced by music critics and fans alike, Cab 20 represents a new breed of rock bands doing music for the love. “Don’t get me wrong we would love to make money but that’s not the ultimate goal,” Says Bert. “We’re in it for the music, and to make people feel something.”


Cactus E.P.
CD available in stores, digital download from iTunes and Bandcamp. Current singles "Gravedigger" and "Cactus" getting radio rotation on KSPC 88.7, KXLU 88.9, and streaming online at many stations including Plutoradio, All Day Jukebox, Radio Indy 500, etc.

Dirty Smiles LP
Vinyl available in stores, digital download from iTunes. Single "Oh Darling" on rotation at KXLU 88.9.

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