Montréal, Quebec, CAN
SoloEDMNew Age

Coaxing the breath out of machines, Cabaal drifts between oozing pre-dawn ambience and frenetic rhythms. Using a variety of synthesizers and drum machines along with a library of field recordings, the sound drips with a familiarity of forgotten landscapes. It feels like eating a bowl of a Sugar Crisp in a wormhole. Expect to experience pounding drums with breaks to lose yourself in synthetic winds and feedback loops.


Bio courtesy of Redbull Music Academy 2013:

If there was anyone you’d trust to coax the soul out of analog synths, it might well be this Religious Studies student from Ottawa. After all, as any synth will tell you, when you’re coming to terms with your own identity, it helps to have someone near who appreciates the finer points of spiritual understanding. Cabaal knows all this and more: his music is made to soundtrack . After several self-released tracks for friends, his first proper EP in November 2011, Light Pollution, got tons of positive responses and comments from blogs and fans alike, even prompting praise from CoFlo supremo El-P. Since then, he’s been collecting more synths and tape machines for his out-of-body flotation tank music, while also studying how to apply Buddhist teachings to a William Gibson world. After the 2012 release of his first full length album Emanations, which was received with rave reviews on the blogosphere, Cabaal will be spending 2013 at the Redbull Music Academy in New York City, touring, and working on new material.

In 2014 Cabaal has worked on a number of local Montreal film soundtracks, including Ephere Heilland's En Trois Temps, and Kevin Calero's Stagnant Pool. He is currently preparing sound for installation work, and in February put out his 4th release, APEX, recorded in large part on the fifth floor of a vacant building in Mile End.


Liminality EP - February 2013

Emanations LP - August 2012

Airplay for tracks "Glass Halo" and "Deep Time" off Liminality and "Out of Body" and "Maya" off Emanations on radio stations in Victoria, British Columbia to Montreal, Quebec, such as CFUV, CIBL, and Ottawa's CKCU, etc.

Light Pollution EP - November 2011

Set List

Live set consists of multiple controllers and synthesizers to recreate the songs live, gear list consists of:
PAIA modular synthesizer, Novation Launchpad, MPD 18, Mixer, Roland TR 606, all running through a laptop, outputting through an external audio interface, with two TRS stereo line outputs.

Also performances often include a live manipulated visual component.

Cabaal live is a means of reinterpreting recorded material in a live setting, creating ambient drones, with heart palpitating drums, all in the higher BPM range.