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The best kept secret in music


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Cabbitha~ "Raw Organics"
-a 4 song walk-in-recording demo that got us a few gigs. tracks are:
Magic Enchantment
Play With Me


Feeling a bit camera shy


Music is what drives us.

Carrie Cardeiro has been singing and multitracking her voice since the age of 8. Her life long passion for music is reflected in her extensive cd collection. As a teenager, she wrote and recorded her own a capella songs as well as began wearing her trademark 'sticker stars'. She was always up for singing in various talent shows in school and in 1998 she took first place at a statewide FFA convention talent show with her unaccompanied rendition of Jewel's "You Were Meant For Me" (she was a Horticulture major at Keefe Tech in Framingham Ma). Her unique voice is a blending of styles of many kickass female vocalists. Since 2004, she has been honing and working on expanding her sound and range while performing in and around the Boston area.

Shane Jinson has been playing guitar for more than 140 dog years. His musical awareness extends back to the Beatles, when he learned to sing Yesterday at a very young age. Throughout his early years he found something of interest in almost every genre of music from classical to 70's old school funk. It wasn't until he was in his twenties that he began to teach himself to play the guitar. All he needed was the Beatles and he was off to the land of bloody sore fingers. The advent of Punk music made the idea that you could pick up a guitar, have fun and not have to sound like Jimi Hendrix a reality. He would jam out with friends and coworkers playing tunes by the Clash, Sex Pistols, the Ramones as well as the Eagles. Over the years he would flit back and forth playing various tunes he would hear, teaching some poor souls the improper way to play and generally ignoring what pathethic skills he had.

One day in late 2003, a freak Karaoke incident reawakened his interest in music in general and caused him to begin a search for his own musical identity. His search ended with Carrie Cardeiro. Her voice and presence were magic. He got her to sing along with things that he could play on guitar but the songs didn't do justice to her natural abilities or inspire her to take things further. His quest for musical identity was radically changed forever when he decided that he could write a song for her. This was a blasphemous notion to be sure! There are so many great songs in the world yet, despite his reservations, he began to write and write and you get the idea.

Cabbitha is the music. Words and notes interweave with one another and play delightful tricks as we continue to evolve as artists. We are grateful to have you with us as we embark on this new journey together.

Here goes the complete unabridged version of the origin of the name Cabbitha (as told by Shane).

Carrie is my girlfriend. I have a sister named Carrie as well, so that was just a trifle weird in the beginning. Her parents call her 'Cabbie' because when she was little she couldn't pronounce the aforementioned name, and they continue to call her that to this day.
Now I couldn't see myself referring to her like some sort of taxicab driver on the streets of Boston and 'Carrie' seemed to be out of the question.
Carrie also has a goth streak in her that shows in her makeup and in her perfumes. Therefore it wasn't a huge leap for me to take Cabbie and morph it into the occult sounding 'Cabbitha'.
We like it so much that when we began performing our music, that is the name we chose to go by. I still call her Cabbitha and her dog is called 'Doggitha' on occasions (she actually responds to it!)