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To prove his preeminence in the game, this multifaceted artist is adding to his accomplishments Smashmouth Hip-Hop as not only a sound, but also a independent entertainment company.


Producer/Artist /Writer

Throughout life we are met with certain challenges and adversity that provides us with a test or reminder that we have to fight in order to succeed. In the “here today, gone tommorrow” industry, we know that those challenges are amplified in a way that truly separates the haves from the have-nots. Out of the individuals trying to breakthrough this invisible wall; there is one artist that asks the question, “Can A Brother Ever Love Life’s Ever Rising Obstacles.” The aforementioned quote is not only a valiant question but is also an acronym for the Producer/Artist known as Cabellero. Instead of battling the obstacles set before him, he has mastered the art of embracing those obstructions in order to conquer them.

Cabellero is on a mission to gain status on hip-hop’s ever-spreading map. In a continuing effort to prove his preeminence in the game, he provides cross promotion and exposure to independent artists through marketing & distribution of the ever so popular mixtape series, “DC vs. The Music Industry," giving artists the chance to build new fan bases and gain exposure. He also doubles as The Alias DJ C-Money hosting the mixtapes.
The self-proclaimed Golden Boy of the southwest side of D.C. has transformed the ideology of what a hip-hop mogul should be and has turned it into his own personal reality. accomplished producer, fierce emcee, audio Engineer, versatile writer, and world-class DJ define the many personalities and skills of this hip-hop genius. With brilliance and talent, there will still unforeseen barriers to cross. And at that point, he must ask the question, “Can A Brother Ever Love Life’s Ever Rising Obstacles?” he must affirm the name that says it all, Cabellero.


1999 DEM KATZ- Off the No BullSh*T/Phat Katz Entertainment
2002 / DJ Big Face/Cabellero -DC Got Hip-Hop-mixtape vol.1
2003 /DJ C-Money/Cabellero -
Streets Beats & Rhymes-Mixtape
2008 DC vs The Music Industry mixtape series
vol 1,2,3

Set List

my performance set is customizable to fit any gig
opening act or headliner up to a hour-set

My Dj set is customizable to be the featured DJ or Guest DJ
Either way i Rock the Party