Long Island City, New York, USA

Cabiria is a female fronted Trip Hop band with Portishead influence, driven by classical voice and harmony. Their sound is moody with an operatic female vocal and sultry electric violin, giving Cabiria's sound a brooding film score quality. Guitar and Trumpet bring Flamenco influence into the mix.



Cabiria has a unique sound that combines sensual trip-hop grooves driven by classical voice and harmony. The phrasing of their hauntingly melodic music borrows from classical works of composers such as Rachmaninov and Chopin, with a down-tempo groove inspired by Portishead and many others who have shaped the trip-hop genre.

Cabiria’s melodic sound is captured through the powerful operatic vocals of Rachel Jane Henry, who has been trained classically. Part of the band's characteristic sound is the interplay between Rachel's intense, high-register lyrical melodies, and Meredith Bogacz’s sullen and seductive violin playing. The main accompaniment is the nylon string guitar played by Claudio Morsella, adding hints of Flamenco and Spanish technique to the brooding quality of Cabiria’s sound. The trip-hop influence manifests through the combination of live drum and bass, defining this genre for Cabiria.

Originally from Boston, Cabiria came to life in 2004 and developed a following in New England by performing most venues in the city. In 2007 they released their debut LP “No Time for Dreaming” which has been described as a “Hauntingly Beautiful Operatic Trip-Hop Masterpiece”. Now in New York City, Cabiria has been performing with a new lineup and has just released a six song EP, “A Product of Humankind”. This album reflects the new qualities in Cabiria’s sound, as the band tries to market their music to a bigger audience. Cabiria is seeking interests from Labels, Film and other avenues for their music. Please visit:


A Product of Humankind

Written By: Claudio Morsella

over, don’t say it’s over
i want forever
i want to hold it close
so i’ll never be alone ever

waiting, feel like i’m waiting
maybe for something
but nothing has made its way
so tell me, when is it coming
cause sadly, i’m losing time
feelings too numb to mind

a product of humankind

perfect, can’t i be perfect
free from all hardship
free from a world that which
wouldn’t need it
wouldn’t breed it

failure, am i a failure
i look in the mirror
what should i expect to see
there’s someone, staring right through me
right through me, formidably
like strangers, passing me

a product of humankind

over, don’t say it’s over
sad endings, are all i know
and sadly, predictable

a product of humankind


2010: Cabiria EP "A Product of Humankind"
2007: Cabiria LP "No Time for Dreaming"

Set List

8 songs = 45 minute set. Songs range from 5-7 minutes depending on Violin/Trumpet solos and instrumental parts.