Sheffield, England, GBR

Cable35 - a band who are exciting, energetic and well and truly off-the-wall.


Cable35 was formed in late 2006 in Malta by

Jeffrey Zerafa – Guitar & Vocals
Kriz Zahra – Bass & Vocals
Chris Mallia – Drums.

After playing a number of small gigs on the local circuit, in schools and colleges around the island , the band entered the studio in July 07 to record what would be "my first EP" 'A Beautiful Story' was the first single released on radio and TV from 'My First EP' in October 2007.

Early 2008 'Wasted Away' was released followed by 'Animal Rules' later in May. Recording sessions for Hygiene EP took place in October. On March 14, 2009, Cable35 released the single 'Mary' and 'Hygiene EP'.

Cable35 have played a number of gigs around Europe over the past couple of years playing Liverpool and Birmingham, England in 2007, Copenhagen Demark in 2008, Italy, Belgium and England on the Hygiene Tour in May and June 2009 and Birmingham in 2010. "Harry" accompanied by the "Harry video" (directed and filmed by the band) was the next single to be released in 2010 followed by 'Boogie Man' in November 2010.

Cable35 toured Europe in 2011, playing in Catania, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and the UK followed by a Release for their Debut Album 'Louder' accompanied by two singles 'Memories' and 'Cow Head' with Music Videos you can watch here:

Cable35 toured Europe again in October 2011 and are constantly touring the UK ... you can view the upcoming shows here:


Album: 'Louder' 2011

1. Cow Head
2. Can I
3. Bobby Funk
4. Fact in Spain
5. Factory Floor
6. Come Down to Party
7. Lost City
8. Saturated
9. House of Fire
10. Abducted
11. Surfing Africa
12. Memories
13. Fat Snowman
14. Crops
15. Matonto
16. Lost City (pussy version)

EP: 'Hygiene EP' 2009

1. Boogie Man
2. Mary
3. Greg's Tool
4. Harry
5. Speak to Yourself

Set List

Cable35 Set List

1. House of Fire
2. Harry
3. Memories
4. Fact in Spain
5. Factory Floor
6. Come Down to Party
7. Lost CIty
8. Bobby Funk
9. Can I
10. Surfing Africa
11. Boogie Man
12. Matonto
13. Crops
14. Speak to Yourself
15. Mary
16. Saturated
17. Cow Head
18. Fat Snowman