We play rock 'n' roll music with influence and inspiration from many genres. Our rock has a touch of punk, touch of country and a touch of rockabilly. But - it is good mixture of it all and the mainingredient is rock! Cocktailrock


It all begun in the year of 2000. The girls started this band they called Cables. Together they wrote some rockpunk music, and had a lot of fun doing it. Cables played a few local gigs and after a while recorded a demo. As time went by, all of the girls moved to Oslo. This is where this story Really begins!
Cables played a lot of gigs around the norwegian country and in 2006 they were the first band in Norway to ever been followed by a nationalnewspaper. This relationship lasted for a year - covering a rockbands hard life struggles and ups and downs. This consept contained interviews, filming and weekly blogs from the band.

Cables won the Zoom Urørt Tour in 2007. This contest
is known as "Norway´s hardest Rockschool." It`s mission is to find the two best unsigned Norwegian livebands. This year Cables toured the whole country, and broke a lot of hearts on their way..

In 2008 they recorded their debutalbum called "Same Places, Same Faces". The album was produced by Tommy Akerholdt (known from Silver and Serena Maneesh) Mixed by Andreas Kirkvaag (Wee) and mastered at Cutting Room, Stockholm (Håkan Åkesson)
And now - Cables is ready to rock your world!


We are actually just finished our debutalbum! We have been in studio before recorded a couple of demos, but this is the first real stuff. It's called: "Same Places, Same Faces", and we're working with getting it out in Norway now and we're eager to get it out to other countries as well.
We also have had a couple of songs played at norwegian radio, because we won a contest of finding Norways two best unsigned liveband - Zoom Urørt tour 2007.

Set List

Usually we play between 10 and 15 songs: 35 - 45 minutes.
Setlist example:
-Perfect Neighbourhood
-Keep On
-Thousand Pieces
-I'm Still Here
-One Night Johny Came Home
-I'll Still Come Over
-Hey Mama!
-Same Places, Same Faces
-All My Ghost Are Gone