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"Same Places, Same Faces"


It has deemed at ever since 2000, facts now Oslo - based the band Cables. But according to the webpage Underskog comes the band original from a " sleepy , whistle stop between Oslo and the sweedish border ". Apart from the EP "Oh la la" from 2005 the band has been a blank blade at the recordside. Till now. But it was may not so foolish to anticipate so long with the first album. Accomplishment is anyway convincing. This is mature , "punkish" , rock , from a band that absolutely apparent to know what they want : blow of the listeners brain , but at the same time give a musical qualitative good adventure. The four girls , Inger Hellgren - vokal & bass, Silje Dybedahl - guitar, Marte Hagen - slagverk and Ann Sung an Lee - guitar -also restrain to play more "carefully" sound. They confirm the fact that it was no coincidence that they won the "Zoom Tour finale" with Ida Maria in 2006. The songs are in the same genre, bit at the same time realy manifoldy

"Afghanistan" -

"Cables - Same Places Same Faces"

'Same Places, Same Faces' is the debut album from Norway's all-girl Cables, and is a lesson in spiky, punchy pop/punk. They've been together for nine years, and this experience is obvious when listening to their music. The album as a whole is unforced, unpretentious and should make more exposed, less talented "punks" take note (listening, Miss Dalle?)

Album opener 'Perfect Neighbourhood' is a declaration of intent, with singer Inger Hellgren's rasping howl laying over an almost tribal drumbeat. 'Hey Mama' comes next, and is slightly more melodic yet just as powerfully driven across, the gentle "hey mama, everything will be okay" sounding as much like a challenge as reassurance.

'I'm Still Here' is an engaging change of pace, with a more gentle acoustic feeling fitting perfectly around a bittersweet lament "there's no one here to guide me, guide me home". Despite sounding a little flat at moments, there is enough emotion in the vocals to make you care. 'Morningpaper' shows another string in Cables' bow, as the relentless pressure of guitar and drum ease off to bring through a more folky sound.

Punk has traditionally been a difficult genre particularly for women. The Distillers had the makings of a great band, before falling in love with their own image and losing their way. Hopefully, Cables will buck the trend and keep making interesting and vital music. -

"High Voltage Cables"

Kabler tok visstnok navnet sitt Fordi de syntes de låt helt dr * tt, jf.. slanguttrykket «kabler», hehe. De første demolåtene vist antydning til meloditeft, men hadde i sannhetens navn ikke all verdens særpreg. Nå, to år etter, hører man at firerbanden har vokst musikalsk. Det som tidligere var temmelig standard garasjerock, er blitt Kjapp poppunk med bitt.

Det første som slår deg, er vokalen til Ingrid Hellgren: Hes, tøff og rett på sak. Men dette gjelder egentlig hele Kabler - bandet fremstår som mye tightere og fokusert, noe jeg Antar skyldes utstrakt turnering. Fra hitpotensialet «Hey Mama!» Og utover albumet tar de strupetak på Lytteren og slipper ikke før det Avsluttende jubelropet «All My Ghosts Are Gone».

En og annen låt glir mot standarden garasjerock, menn Heldigvis har man lagt inn overraskelser, som miniballaden «I'm Still Here» og calypsoelementer i «Suzannah» underveis. Det er nemlig når Kabler utforsker punk-og popnerven at de er på sitt beste. Gitarene er hvasse så det holder, og klarer å favne Båter det grimete og mer luftige, «som I'll Still Come Over» med sitt hektiske trampeklapprakkarpunkrefreng og seksstrengers sololøp. Tøft!

Dette lover godt for fremtiden. The Cables - real good sh * t.


Ep 2004 - "Error"
Ep 2006 - "Oh la la "
CD/debutalbum 2009 - "Same Places Same Faces"
The song "Hey Mama!" has been played some on norwegian radio



”If only the Stones still wrote riffs like this – and looked as cute”

–David Rose about Cables during by:Larm 2007

Norwegian all girl band Cables story began in their sleepy little town somewhere between Norway´s capital Oslo, and the Swedish border. It was in this sleepy town, not famous for producing female punk rock bands, that Cables started to hone their skills.
After playing small stages and venues in their hometown, they decided it was time to move to the big smoke, so Oslo beckoned and things finally started to take shape.

After successfully winning the Zoom Tour competition in 2007 together with Ida Maria (a competition to discover Norway´s best unsigned live band), Cables set off on a tour all over Norway, breaking hearts in clubs all over Norway.

Cables then buckled down, saved money, wrote songs and rehearsed liked possessed devils/girls to make sure they had the best material possible to record their debut album.

The recording of their debut album was completed with Tommy Akerholdt from Silver and Serena Maneesh as producer in Laidback Studios in their hometown of Oslo.

The album was mixed in Hangaround Sounds Studio (Ralph Myerz, Silver, Madrugada, JR Ewing) by the legendary Don Dons of We. It was then taken to Stockholm and mastered in the famed Cutting Room Studios by Håkan Åkesson (Broder Daniel, Lionheart Brothers).

Cables have now finalized their line-up with the addition of Ann Sung-an Lee (ex Mika Bomb), now their live show is complete Cables are playing at every possible opportunity and will tour tirelessly to promote their record.

Their debut album "Same Places, Same Faces" was released in Norway 9th of March 2009, and has received a lot of good reviews...

“Cables are one of the toughest and roughest Norwegian rock bands that have debuted the last years”

– Bergen Puls (Norwegian newspaper)

“This is promising for the future. The Cables – real good sh*t!”

– Aftenposten (Norwegian newspaper)

“The super catchy refrain and the great guitar solo in “Thousand Pieces” is already worth the investment of the whole album – Hope they get their success!”

– Trønder Avisa (Norwegian newspaper)

“It’s a lot of young, Norwegian artists playing jazz, blues and rock. In the latter category- Cables is some of the most exiting!”

–Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen (Norwegian newspaper)

“The album as a whole is unforced, unpretentious and should make more exposed, less talented "punks" take note (listening, Miss Dalle?)”


Cables are currently looking for the right record label / booking agency outside of Norway.

- In turn Cables will play every festival, club, bar, hole and squat to support this!