Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Taking their name from an old transatlantic liner, CaboSanRoque started evocative musical experiment using home made instruments recycling objects found in the streets of Barcelona. The band developing its work around the musical and spectacular expressive abilities of mechanical instruments.


A biscuit factory converted into music. CaboSanRoque presents its latest invention: the Mechanical Orchestra from França Xica. After a full year of construction, the Orchestra appeared in it´s first show “The night shift”; after which, CaboSanRoque continued working on the project, adding new sounds and instruments, and improving the informatics system in order to extend the technical and creative performances of the artefact. A non conventional orchestra, ideal for any kind of musical proposition from a conventional concert to collaborations with other musicians and composers, as well as other artistic forms such as dance, the circus, the plastic arts and cinema.


Bal de Pistons, Autoedited, 2010
Musica a maquina, Autoedited, 2008
França Xica, G3G Records 2005
Membrillo EP, CaboSanRoque vs Luciano Bruchstuecke 2003
CaboSanRoque G3G Records 2003