Cabrini Green

Cabrini Green


Small band - BIG SOUND! Powerful guitars with an earthquaking keyboard bass sound beneath and melodic vocal harmonies on top. All backed up by an explosive battery of drums.


In March 2002, Kevin Hickey returned home from the U.K. following the not so amicable breakup of his band 'The Magic Dragons". Stepping off the ferry with only his guitar and a note book of scribbled lyrics he promised himself that his next band would be The One.

At that very moment, in an apartment in Ranelagh, his brother Brian was working on new compositions with pianist friend, David Smith. Later that evening, Kevin arrived looking for a floor to sleep on and found the core members of his new band. Cabrini Green were formed.

For the first 24 months of life as band, Cabrini Green worked the gigging scene of Dublin and their prowess as live performers skyrocketed. They played at the first HWCH festival and the Heineken Green Energy Weekend and opened for high profile headliners such as The Church and The Clientele.

The band changed direction at the beginning of 2005, setting their sites on recording. They had already released two EPs, now their goal was a killer debut album.

18 months later, the album is almost complete with a release date scheduled for August 2006. And Cabrini Green's much anticipated return to the live scene beckons . . .


Cabrini Green EP: 2003
1. Driftin'
2. Merky
3. Two Weeks
4. Over and Over

By The Wayside EP: 2004
1. It's Up To You
2. Even Though
3. By The Wayside
4. Back Home

Breakdown Single: 2006 (from the forthcoming album, Rally 100 Tourismo)
1. Breakdown
2 Alone

Set List

1. Newt Song
2. Breakdown
3. Callin' Out
4. Wreckin' Ball
5. Hold On
6. Alone
7. Lo Rez Lifestyle
8. Fortune and Grace
9. Complimentary
10. N.D.I.