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João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brazil | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band World Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Founded in 1998 by Arthur Pessoa, Cabruêra has successfully bridged the gap between traditional forro music, samba and Western rock. The group’s exciting alchemy created in their native northeast Brazil is finding enthusiastic audiences throughout Europe, thanks partly to their first international CD “Proibido Cochilar – Sambas for Sleepless Nights”. - Mondomix

"Sambas for Sleepless Nights"

Hola, mi amigos, como esta? Okay, that’s about it for my Spanish, so, in an act of immense bravado, I will be reviewing an album where the lyrics are entirely in Spanish: hold your applause…

Today’s album is Proibido Cochilar: Sambas for Sleepless Nights by the group Cabruera. Cabruera was formed in 1998 when six nordestinos, (no idea what a nordestino is, does it mean Eskimo?) all with backgrounds in the contemporary Brazilian music scene, joined together to find a way bring their folk roots into the modern era. They sought counsel from an indigenous Tupi oracle who told them that they needed to start a band to bring a new injection of life to the communities of Campina Grande and Joao Passoa. The oracle also said that the band was to be called “Cabruera,” from the word “cabras,” meaning “a group of goats.” Then I think the oracle told them that they were “The One” and they had to fight Agent Smith in one good movie and two crappy sequels. Anywho…to get in the proper spirit of the music, I’m gonna throw back some tequila and give this a spin.

One Tequila, two tequila, three tequila

Damn, this music rocks, I’m jumping around shaking my ass all over the place. Not sure if this is considered dancing or it just looks like I’m having a seizure, but who cares? The dorky, uncoordinated white boy is rocking. This album is supposed to be a mix of Forro (again, no idea what that means, I’ll guess fire), rock, jazz, funk, rap, reggae and drums and bass, under-girded by the syncopated beat of samba…hmmm, sounds kind of complicated, all I know is that it’s kicking my ass right now. There go the neighbors, banging on the wall, let me turn it up louder… -

"cabruêra the new ambassadors of urban Brazil"

Brazilian experimental band Cabruêra emerged in 1999 in Natal, aka City of the Sun, with a mix of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, electric funk, folk-rock, and Middle Eastern sounds, an innovative force behind the traditional local music from northern Brazil. After participating in a live record along with Elba Ramalho and Marinês, among other artists, Cabruêra successfully joined the Brazilian Pro Rock Festival 2000, followed by a European tour including England, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, and the international release of a self-titled album -


1999 Cabruêra (Nikita Music)
2006 Proibido Cochilar (Piranha Musik)
2008 Sons da Paraiba (self-distributed/ onyl Brazil)
2010 Visagem (self-distributed/Petrobras only Brazil)
2012 Nordeste Oculto (Bndes/Brazil/only Brazil)




What is Cabrura? A bunch of goats? The Gang of famous Brazilian Rebell Lampiao? A Brazilian band that is more than samba and bossa?
Yes! All of this is true.
The name Cabrura derives from the term of a bunch of goats, Cabras also known as the gang of Lampiao, the Robin Hood of the Northeast of Brazil. The fundament of this expression is based on the resistance of the animal and the gang of Lampiao. Their extraordinary ability to adapt to difficult circumstances.
The goat is an animal which resists the drought by engulfing everything. Equal to the goats, Cabrura engulfs everything musicaly, digesting and vomiting it through technological resources.
This skill comes out of their native ancestors and the African slaves who were forced to adapt the culture of the colonialists.
Time has passed but the ability to engulf other cultures and movements is still alive.
This is why Brazilian culture is still so colourful and rich.
The band gathers their sound out of different sources, from Brazilian rhythms like Coco, Ciranda, Embolado, Forro, Maracatu and Samba and urban styles from Rock to Funk, Rap and Electro.
Sometimes the music turns into psychedelic and progressive. Primarily when the singer uses a simple ballpen to create a unique guitar sound, never heard before, somehow magic. Experimental but extremely danceable and as they say in the Northeast of Brazil: able to awake the deceased
At present Cabrura released their 5th album in Brazil, which was sponsored by Petrobras Cultural the most important cultural Patronize in Brazil.
After numerous Festival performances in several European countries like, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, UK, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Cabrura is more than prepared to take off for their sixth international Tour, to celebrate a Brazil beyond Copacabana Postcards and Football.

Press quotes:

Firmly rooted in the regions rhythmic traditions, Cabrura rock the Brazilian house with Ryhthm`n`Blues feel, HipHop attitude and House and Techno dance rage.

"A full blend of rock, funk, jazz, rap, reggae - you name it, they absorb and regurgitate it in a exhilarating, whipped-up, eclectic mix of all possible worlds. Great musical colors and imaginative production make for an up-beat, quasi-psychedelic experience."

"The coolest underground group in that wonderful crazy country" POPMATTERS.COM

"This band as much a cultural study of Brazil's underground as a funky soundtrack for the world to groove to"

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