Cache was created in Toronto in 2001. With original songs and a unique sound, Cache is one of the leading bands of the Latin Scene and has received the "Best Latin Alternative Band of the Year" - INDIES, "Best Instrumental CD" - TIMA and "Featured Latin Artist" - New Music Series, among others.


Cache was formed in December 2001 by a group of professional musicians commited to the development of original material, that believe Salsa is an urban expression of many Latin Cultures.
Tha band has 2 CDS - Blended and Toronto Sessions and has been guest in various compilation and collection Salsa CD's. Their last CD was produced in January 2007 and is now being listed and played in Canada, the U.S., England, Colombia, Italy and Hawaii. Cache will launch a third CD in the fall of 2007.

The band is formed by musicians with s a variety of ethnic backgrounds: Canada, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy and South Africa. A combination that has created its a unique sound with the groove of Latin music, a touch of jazz in a few melodies and an upbeat and energetic show.

Our current members include:

Daniel Stone (Congas, Vocals) is a native of Caracas, Venezuela. He began musical studies at an early age, focusing on percussion studies at sixteen. He decided to move to Canada in 1995, where he continued his studies in percussion, arranging and music calligraphy. Daniel has performed with a wide variety of artists, covering a diverse range of musical styles and genres ranging from Salsa, Cumbia, Samba and Bossa Nova, to Flamenco, Reggae, Jazz, Rock and Pop. Some of the artists and groups that Daniel has performed and/or recorded with include: Juno and Grammy Award winner Nelly Furtado, Macondo, Cimarrón, Fantasía, Pacandé, Pedras da Rua, Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company, Jane Bunnett, Angel Luis and Nestor Torres, Eliana Cuevas and Apostle of Hustle. Daniel is a founding member of Cache.

Randy Stirzinger (El Guajiro) (Vibraphone/El Aparato) a lifetime resident of St. Catharines, Randy Stirtzinger began his studies at age 17. He studied classical piano with Niagara Falls teacher Rivoli Lesulauro (student of Late Isidor Philipp). Self-taught as a jazz pianist he also studied Latin piano with Cuban master Hilario Durán. Randy studied Vibraphone with Toronto vibist/percussionist John Brownell, best-known for his work with the Toronto Percussion Ensemble and the Hamilton Philarmonic Orchestra. Randy also studied bass violin with the late Nick Molfesi (Buffalo Philarmonic Orchestra) and with Toronto bassist Pat Collins. El Guajiro also studied Latin music and percussion with Memo Acevedo in the early 1980s in Toronto.

Sean Bellaviti (Piano) was born in Spain, and raised in Italy. He has performed both in Canada and abroad and is currently working on his PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Toronto.

Juan Carlos Cardenas (Lead Vocals, Guiro) was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Juan Carlos has always been surrounded by music, playing and singing at a young age. Juan Carlos has played with many bands and artists in the City including, Cimarrón, Grupo Mora, Vibrason, Yomo Toro, Larry Harlow, Nick Ali and his Cruzao band, Jane Bunnet, Angel Luis and Hilario Durán among others. Juan Carlos has also been part of many recording sessions that include a diversity of styles like Hip Hop, Pop, Reggae, Latin Jazz and Salsa. He has evolved dramatically into one of the most energetic singers in town, his charisma and personality on stage make him unique. Juan Carlos is a founding member of Caché.

Wilson M. Acevedo (Timbales, Vocals) was born in Medellín, Colombia. Wilson immigrated to Canada in 1978. His passion for music tool him to work as a DJ in Toronto spinning the urban underground dance grooves. Wilson is a multi-talented self taught percussionist with influences from urban, dance grooves and latin roots. In 1989, Wilson met Memo Acevedo, considered to having introduce Latin Music in Toronto clubs, and played with Banda Brava. In 1993 he ormed his own bands: Vibrason, Mora Sextet and Grupo Mora. Wilson has shared stage with many high caliber international musicians including Oscar D’Leon, Larry Harlow from Fania All Stars, Combo de Las Estrellas, just to name a few. Some of the artists and groups that Wilson has performed and/or recorded with include: Memo Acevedo and Banda Brava, Los Tropicales, Hilario Duran, Luis Mario Ochoa, Giovanni Ruiz, and Pacandé among others. Wilson is a founding member of Caché.

Richard Morales (Baby Bass) was born in New York City, but soon after he was born he went back to his family’s native land Cartagena, Colombia. Richard started playing percussion at 10 years old, surrounded by Gaita rhythms and local Caribbean and African music. At 17 he started playing bass touring most of the country before he was 18. He performed with many artists in Colombia and released his own album in 1990, a combination of local folk music and Latin funk. Richard immigrated to Canada in December 1993 arriving to Calgary, where he played with African, Acid Jazz and Salsa bands. In September 1994 he moved to Toronto. Since then he has played with Pacandé, Grupo Mora and Vibrason Richard is a founding member of Caché.

Yannick Malboeuf (Trombone) has been playing trombone


Cache - Exploring - 2002
Cache - Blended - 2004 (Licensed to Universal)
Various Artists - Siempre Salsa - 2005 (LBM)
Various Artist - Best Independent Latin - 2006
Cache - The Toronto Sessions - 2007 (Cache Management)

Set List

We ussually have two - one - hour sets with both originals and a few classic salsa tunes.

Original Cache Songs:
Son del Coquito
Playa Blanca
Richard's Fault
El Sonero Llego
El Tema que no te Gusto
Pachanga Dura
Vuelvo a mi Carnaval
Demente Soy
Sombra Negra
Willy's Theme
Mi Amor se Fue
Descarga Cache
With You
Delta Abajo Mambo
Ya Me Voy
Gente Loca
Sacala a Bailar
Ponte en la Moda
Es Normal
Otra Oportunidad