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"Cache City Releases New Mixtape"

Contact: Dennis Landry / Corey Smith FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tel: (224)-545-1965 / (847)-406-7434



Welcome To Cache City Vol 1. Available Now!

The three man hip hop group Cache City is set to release their new mixtape entitled “Welcome To Cache City Vol 1.” Formally known as G. Fam, Cache City (pronounced cash city) is sure to impress the listeners with their new compilation. “Welcome To Cache City Vol. 1” is more than another Hip-Hop street album thrown together at the artists’ expense to entertain a select few, it’s the Cache for a new era of entertainment excellence that can dispel even the most devastating of droughts that has been plaguing the hip-hop community for sometime. At one end its creative concepts, complex lyrics, and veracious storytelling could easily sway hip-hop’s ear. At the other end its mind-blowing productions, cunning wordplay, and modern day appeal makes it capable of entertaining crowds from one side of the spectrum to the other.

“Welcome to Cache City, Where Bubble Gum Rap Gets Chewed,” is the premise of the new mixtape. The three members Aireez da Phenom, JG da Jizzal, and C-Smiff da Producer are avid fans of true hip-hop. They took it upon themselves to tell their story on why bubble gum rap, i.e. 2-step music is not real hip-hop. This is a bold statement considering how young the three are, but one listen at the mixtape and you can see and hear why it had to be said. The intro track “New World Order,” performed on top of a Lil Wayne instrumental, illustrates the true essence of lyricism and gives a vivid introduction to Cache City. This is followed by the title song, “Welcome to Cache City,” produced by C-Smiff himself.

“I granted you the honor of your honor, no jury. I kinda wanted you to judge Cache City witcha own eyes. Best seats in the house, your view’s courtside. Of course I’m the first leg on this tour guide, C’mon!” – Aireez da Phenom

Once you’re warmed up, then its time to “Get it In” with anotha headbanga produced by C-Smiff. The mixtape flows well hitting the listener with all types of feels and emotions. There are even a few solo tracks from JG da Jizzal such as “Make Em Say,” and from Aireez da Phenom with “Airborne.” This is simply the beginning of a collection of songs that gives the hip-hop game a true wake up call. It truly is a mixture of underground raw lyrics, an un-matchable swagger, and a mainstream commercial appeal. The mixtape is available on their website below, and also at Welcome to Cache City!

For more info or to schedule an interview please contact Corey Smith at 847-406-7434 or Dennis Landry at 224-545-1965. Also, you can email

- .


"Real Rap" The Album (under the name G. Fam) availabe on iTunes.

"Welcome to Cache City" the Mixtape Vol 1 available on DatPiff.Com



Welcome to Cache City, where bubble gum gets chewed! Cache City, (pronounced cash city) is a group of child hood friends sharing a common bond formed through the love of hip hop. Formally known as G. Fam, the trio consists of three diverse artists in Aireez da Phenom, C-Smiff, and JG da Jizzal. These three talented hip-hop heads are a mixture of true lyricism, melodic swagger, and an energy that pieces together 90s Hip-Hop feel with 2009's marketable standpoint. This is the Cache of hip hop music. But what is Cache you ask? Cache is a place where you store things you value, such as money, information, morals, or in this case, HIP-HOP. It's origin was based on its message, its culture, and its expression of life through music. Throughout the years people have said that it seems to have lost touch of its true essence, Cache city is here to fill that lost void.

Often considered brothers from another mother, Aireez Da Phenom, C-Smiff, and JG the Jizzal grew up in a city one hour north of Chicago called Waukegan, IL. This was where the "I Ain't Goin" hit makers first realized their true calling. Hip-Hop has proved prevalent through their younger years as JG and C-Smiff became notorious for the beat box and freestyle sessions in grade school.

As junior high approached, so did the third member to this extraordinary group. Aireez Da Phenom, JG, and C-Smiff were introduced in the 6th grade by their strong love of music. The majority of their musical prowess in Middle school was spent either in the lunch room as JG and Phenom would rap off of C-Smiff's dope table beats, in the gym locker room as C-Smiff's beat box would lead numerous freestyle sessions, or at Smiff's house while JG and Phe wrote rhymes to loads of instrumentals.

Their talents grew along with their demeanor and they took the big stage early releasing their first mixtape as sophomores in high school. This era in their lives would prove to be the awakening for the three as they embarked on the next journey in their music careers. C-Smiff materialized his abilities to make beats with his hands and mouth, and created magic when he was first introduced to the infamous FruityLoops program. While he honed his craft, JG and Aireez continued to progress their flow. With nothing more than a computer, mic, and beats, the three combined to create three mixtapes and two albums throughout high school that would propel them to the top of the lyrical ranks in the area. Their following grew along with their swagger. With a strong desire to make each track better than the last, the music came so natural to the point where they were opening for artists such as Sammie, Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, and Huey before the age of 19.

When it was time to hit the major leagues, the three went back into the studio to create their first Nationally Distributed album entitled "Real Rap" under the name G. Fam that opened the eyes, ears and minds of Hip-Hop lovers across the country. They took their show on the road early performing at numerous prestiges venues and places such as the Wild Hare in Chicago, IL, Miramar Theater in Milwaukee, IL and even Northern Illinois University Convocation Center. Next up for Cache City is their new Mixtape entitled "Welcome To Cache City" Vol 1, Produced by C-Smiff himself.

With everything from Music videos, starring roles in a short film called "Thirsty," hosting and throwing highly successful parties, their own segment on a local hip-hop TV show called "What's Good," and top 5 college and internet radio request under their belts; their versatility makes them not only musicians, but top-notch entertainers who always have something new on the horizon. This is simply the beginning of a promising career in the entertainment industry, filled with music, producing, acting, writing, and anything that may open doors for the group.

Despite all the accolades, their passion still remains with Hip-Hop, and making music for the masses to enjoy for the ages. So what and where's Cache City you ask? Well as JG once stated, "its where Hip-Hop Lives and bubble gum rap gets chewed!" What do you value?

Welcome To Cache City!