Caches the Ghosts

Caches the Ghosts

 Baytown, Texas, USA

We are a post-hardcore/rock band that fuses heavy music, ambient-pop, and dynamic vocals/instrumentation. Stylistically, most of our songs are not arranged in a standard way and contain counter rhythms, time signature changes, and tempo variances that will either make you want to throw down or dance


Caches the Ghosts began in February of 2010 as a three-piece that included Adrian Jordan, Andrew Masterson and Ryan Laubach. The three began writing music with no preconceptions of what kind of music they would play or what it was going to sound like. Very soon, they had one song written but no drummer. Andrew and Ryan's friend Kelly Kincl happened to be an available drummer looking for a project to come aboard. He soon joined suit and the three-piece became a four-piece. At this point, the four remaining members continued to write music as an instrumental act, not too certain or concerned that they would even require a new vocalist. A few months down the road, Adrian mentioned a friend that was interested in trying out for the vacant vocal position in the band. Even though the band was not actively looking for a vocalist, they decided to give Adrian's friend, Ethan Newton, a tryout. Immediately following that practice, the members unanimously voted Ethan into the fold. Soon thereafter, CtG continued to work on the songs they had already written prior to Ethan's arrival with new vigor and a new sense of direction that his vocals provided. In early September, the band played their first show at a local bar in Baytown, Texas called The Dirty Bay. Since then, the band has continued to play and book more shows while continuing to write new songs and push themselves musically.


Travels, Deaths, Horoscopes, Classifieds

Written By: Caches the Ghosts

Have you found out how

Every sequence

Is about us

The moment's passed us by

A whisper of something

Without us

Oh but you've confused my name

Somehow, you've confused my name

These predictions

Start taking shape

Follow them down

To the next

If these things

Start making sense

Follow them down

To the end

I must refute this

Can't accept there is no

Other way to go

My satisfaction in this deal

Has never been acceptable

All due respects to dues of debt

When the debts are paid in full

When retrospective hand

Has turned into a retrospective hole

Life's been thrust into a series

Of patterns made up of dotted lines

Fine print to be deciphered

But not to be very well defined

Before this ink has finished drying

Read the clauses of tiny letters

Revealing a path worth trying

Let them crawl

Through the rows of dotted "I's"

A mirror(mire) of red tape

Marks the finish line

Scanning slowly

If only to reveal

Letters falling

If only to reveal

Something's hopeless

If only just to feel

Something is hopeless

If only just to feel

These contract lines

Aren't making sense

It's time to follow

Follow the evidence

And I'm sick of you

This time was worth

Useless ends

So sick of you

This time was worth

Another loose end

Only if you

Want me too

Only if you

Want me too


Caches the Ghosts Demos - "Aim for the Fireplace" (2010)

Set List

The Longer End of Medium
Pirate Nicknames
Maritime Laws
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Travel, Deaths, Horoscopes, Classifieds
How an Hourglass is Made