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Lublin, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Lublin, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Band World Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Extremely exciting""

“Although most members ČAČI VORBA come from Poland, their music is among the most authentic in the industry of Balkan music I’ve ever heard (...) I have never so clearly heard the similarity between the repeated melody-loops in Romanian music, boogie woogie and African soukous (...) An extremely exciting acquaintance.” - Ulf Torstensson, Lira Magazine (SWE)

""No one else in Poland plays Gypsy music so accomplished...""

"No one else in Poland plays Gypsy music so accomplished..." - Piotr Kędziorek, Polish Radio 2 (PL)

""One of Polish folk's best kept secrets.""

"One of Polish folk's best kept secrets. (...) This is one of the most dynamic and accomplished folk groups from Eastern Europe I've heard in a long time." - Simon Broughton, Songlines (UK)

""This material is a year-list top one!""

"Sounds of the band are so pure and so penetrating that you feel the love for the music flowing through your veins. For each word you hear the singing experience. For each note the joy and pain (...) When will this group come to Netherlands? This material is a year-list top one!" - Patrick van Engelen, No Borderz (NL)

""Full of spark - with original and subtle aspects, too.""

"The Polish-Ukrainian quintet's take on eastern European 'gypsy' music is full of spark - with original and subtle aspects, too. ČAČI VORBA's debut album (featured here in April) was widely acclaimed. Their new one is even better. It nicely entwines traditional and original tunes and songs." - Doug Spencer, The Weekend Planet, ABC Radio National (Australia)

""Very special music!""

"Very special music!" - WRUV Music Reviews (USA)

""New sensation in the Polish folk music...""

"The acoustic band sounds (...) much more subdued than the folk rockers of the Warsaw Village Band. However Caci Vorba experiments with the tradition at least as much the same and could be the new sensation in the Polish folk music." - Illand Pietersma, Dagblad van het Noordened (NL)

"Maria Natanson - 1"

"She sings almost casually, simply, with an extraordinary voice, incredibly clear one, charismatic, movingly,
naturally and sincerely. There are no weak points of her vocal. I suspect she has made a deal with the devil." - Wojtek Nowak -

""Rising star of the Polish folk scene""

"In the person of the singer and violinist Maria Natanson there is a youth plus a feminine self-confidence and musical sovereignty - she is currently considered the rising star of the Polish folk scene. And rightly so!" - Cathrin Alisch, Folker (GER)

""Poland has another great name to add to the list of strong Folk related bands from the past ten years.""

"Leading vocalist Maria Natanson impresses with her expressive, strong voice and fabulous violin play. Backed by three fantastic (multi) instrumentalists, this band surprises with fresh, original and well played traditional music. Somehow they capture the original atmosphere of the traditional songs and tunes but sound like a modern folk band at the same time. With sparkling strings, strong accordion solo's and a percussionist that builds the perfect fundament for his fellow musicians to build their melodic parts on. Poland has another great name to add to the list of strong Folk... - Eelco Schilder, Folk World (NL/GER)


CD "Szczera Mowa" (Oriente Musik, 2010)

CD "Tajno Biav" (Oriente Musik, 2011)



Caci Vorba (cha-chee vor-bah;
"true speech" in Romany language) is a "Gypsy fusion"
band from Poland,
described by Simon Broughton (Songlines) as "one
of the most dynamic and accomplished folk groups from Eastern Europe
heard in a long time"

They specialize in traditional music from
all Eastern Europe, from Carpathians to Balkans, "played with
heart, spirit and knowledge"
(Mundofonias, Spain) and a ruffled,
Gypsy way of interpreting
. All this played on acoustic traditional
instruments, but cleverly mixed with other genres - jazz, twist,
rock, tango, experimental music and other genres as well.

With a singer and violin virtuoso Maria
Natanson, "rising star of the Polish folk scene" (Folker,
), who, aged 15, left the classical music school and her
parents' house, heading for the mountains in search for living Gypsy
and Carpathian music, they've encountered a big European success. Their both cds True Speech (2010) and Tajno Biav (2011),
released by German label "Oriente", have scored a number of
prestigeous domestic and international awards and remarks, including: "Folk Fonograme of the Year" (Poland, 2012 - 2nd cd), "Songlines Top
of the World"
marks (for both albums), "German Record
Critics' Award"
(2011 - 1st cd), "Lira Gillar" mark (Sweden, 2011 - 1st cd), World Music Charts Europe #8 (March 2011 - 1st cd) and many others.

Their original blend of impassionately
treated tradition, own compositions and remakes along with
emotional lyrics written by the "gadji" artist in Romani
language (Natanson) results in a refreshing approach to Carpathian
and Balkan Gypsy music, far from beaten paths of brass bands,
Balkan-beat and golden sequins
. Caci Vorba serves cheerful
shuffling and rocky acoustic dance music, melancholic love songs,
subtle jazzy harmonies and clever marriages with different styles.
All this called by musicians themselves joc'n'roll (Romanian
joc - dance).

Caci Vorba has already played
than 300 shows in 15 countries
, with some new ones ahead in 2014,
including their upcoming debut in UK at the
WOMAD Festival.

Some of band's
former performances include:

Sziget Festival (Hungary, Budapest,
2012 & 2010),
European Broadcastig Union Fest.
(Spain, Segovia, 2012),
Zigeunerfestival (Germany, Cologne,
Folk Holidays (Czech Rep., Namest,
Voix de Femmes (Belgium, Liege,
Korro Folk Festival (Sweden, Korro,
Nowa Tradycja Festival (Poland,
Warsaw, 2011),
Globaltica World Cultures Festival (Poland,
Gdynia, 2013).

Caci Vorba are:

Maria Natanson
- vocal,
violin, kabak keman

Rafal Gontarski
- accordion

Piotr Majczyna
- guitar, bouzouki, mandola
Sebastian Szebesta
- darbuka,
cajon, daf, riqq, spoons
Robert Brzozowski - double bass

Band Members