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cactus hunters


Cactus Hunters music is gritty, soulful, often funny and unsettling music that welds together elements of rock and roll, country, folk, roots, rockabilly, blues and anything else that can be dragged from the great American musical scrap heap.


With the release of their second album titled “Something Gone”, the Cactus Hunters continue to bring a rich musical history and tradition into the brave new century.

Like the earlier self-titled debut album, “Something Gone” is distinguished by its honest, stark, and diverse songs and songwriting as well as its sweet, raw, and emotional guitar and musicianship throughout. With the song writing of Lance Juckas and brothers Brad and Fred Scribner,(Little Sammy Davis, Levon Helm, Delbert McClinton) the Cactus Hunters conjure a collection of gritty, soulful, often funny and unsettling songs that weld together elements of rock and roll, country, folk, roots, rockabilly, blues and anything else dragged up from the great Americana scrap heap.

As the debut album had long-time friend and Woodstock institution Professor Louie (The Band, Rick Danko, Mercury Rev, Levon Helm, Dave Brubeck) adding keyboard, accordion, mixing, and his technical skills. The new album has West Coast friends Max Butler (Red Meat, Chuck Prophet, Kelly Willis) on Pedal Steel and Mando Cello, Teal Collins (The Mother Truckers, Third Eye Blind) singing back-up, Mike Emerson on keyboards, and Chuck Prophet sits in for a song on guitar.

Songs of the Cactus Hunters tell resonant stories that are testimonials to desolation, dislocation, impossible love, resilience, bold stupidity, and while always trying hard to avoid it--transcendence.

Throughout North America, the Cactus Hunters have received critical acclaim and have been generously embraced by a wide variety of radio stations ranging from commercial and progressive country to alternative college radio. And thanks in part to word of mouth and devoted DJs and fans, the Cactus Hunters have seen their popularity grow in Europe and Japan with little promotion. The debut album has also charted on the AMA, FAR, and Roots Rock charts. Now, settled on the West Coast, the Cactus Hunters are preparing to tour in support of their sophomore album, ''Something Gone" on Dirt and Honey Records (


Cactus Hunters (2003)
Something Gone (2005)

Set List

Songs from both albums and a sprinkle of cover songs, that might include songs by Dylan, The Stones, Lou Reed, Lucinda, and Britney.