Lively, upbeat and 100% original blending every style imaginable, often in one song. You've got to hear it to understand. Studio recordings coming 02/07/08


Frustrated with playing other peoples material, Frankly quit the reggae band with a view to starting something new, something free and creative. A couple of weeks later, he and Teebear had written a couple of numbers, and, as songwriters do, decided to try them at a couple of open mic nights. The music felt good, the reception was exuberantly enthusiastic, but there was something missing, the solid heartbeat of music. After searching high and low (even between the cushions on the sofa) we found Ro-jo and he was invited to try out. This gave a solid sound but there was still something missing. Frankly thought back to his mate Paddy's wedding a few months previously where Paddy had stepped up to jam with the band. He had a presence and style that complimented our sound. Three months later we were off to play some gigs, each one better than the last.

Set List

Each set list is tailored to suit the gig, we like to play for at least an hour, unfortunately this isn't always possible. We try to tell a story through the arrangement of our songs with each song leading into the next, one positively charged, emotional rollercoaster.