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"Gone Country Magazine"

The term southern rock is being thrown around a lot these days, but where someone like Hank Williams III fails, Birmingham's Caddle succeed. Caddle has a great, upbeat energy to their vocals that make you want to listen to this and are the first thing that will suck you into "Raise Em High." (Think bands like Lost Trailers). Obviously when you mention the term southern rock in describing a sound to someone they automatically think bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and at times, especially in the music on tracks like "Give Me A Dollar," I would have to agree, but overall Caddle is a lot more Hank Jr. then they are Skynyrd. 9 times out of 10 you will be stomping your boots along with Caddle. On songs like "Raise Em High" and "Work" you cannot help but stomp along and I dare you to listen to this and not be moving. While on other songs like "Had To Die" and "Afternoon Lies" you will instantly find yourself singing along with the catchiness in the choruses. It has been a long time since I heard a solid, boot stomping, album like this one, but Caddle is a band to keep your eyes on. This is a great record that combines a lot of spirit from the scene of yesteryear with a shot of energy thrown in for good measure. -

"Smother Magazine"

Caddle reminds me a lot of Bobby Bare Jr. That sort of rockabilly meets blues rock sound that closes down bars for good. Whiskey-soaked vocals and loud harmonica give these blue-collar kids true street cred. Southern rock riffs chug away while the raunchy punk rhythms get thrown down with a vengeance. When you’re filling up your car at the gas station, make sure you never listen to this album—it’ll ignite the whole place up! -

"Cow Punk"

If bar brawls needed a soundtrack, Birminghams Caddle would never want for a gig.

Self-described as the bastard sons of Southern rock, the bands music is meant for audiences who wanna party just as hard and probably for about as long as they work. "This is right-up-the-gut, beer-drinkin, singalong songs that people in bars just love to listen and sometimes fight to," says frontman Phillip Hyde.

For the full article, please visit - The Anniston Star - Brett Buckner

"Mucklewain 2006"

Before I went to the Songwriters' "Tent", I caught sets by Caddle (the one Birmingham, AL, entry of the day) and Glossary. Caddle simply ROCKED! Their mix of Southern Country-Rock-Boogie recalls the fun that Jason & the Scorchers used to bring to the stage in their day (which I hope, is not over!). Even as Caddle finished their set, a woman who was standing next to my buddy and I (and apparaently seeing the band for the first time) turned and exclaimed, "Were they not amazing?!" Frontman Phillip Hyde, imo, has the perfect stage (and interactive) without looking like he's trying to hard. The guy exudes "Cool"; but never takes himself too seriously; as evidence by his frank, and often-times hilarious, stage banter. The other four members play like the constantly-touring band that they are; with bassist Chris Pottratz getting my vote for "Best Rock Performance--Bassist" of the day. - Show Review

"Durango Boots"

Durango Boots has signed on to continue as the title sponsor of the nationally syndicated Western Beat Radio show. The ONLY syndicated Americana radio show. We will be working with Durango Boots on their 40th Anniversary compilation CD to be given away FREE with every pair of boots sold. Willie Nelson, the Big Happy, Tift Merritt, Jubal Lee Young, Deryl Dodd, Buck Jones, Charlie Robison, Caddle, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and several others will be featured on this special CD. - Western Beat Entertainment

"Blogcritics Magazine" Dixie fried roots-rock? Southern boogie-rock skullabilly? Whatever you call Caddle, the Birmingham, Alabama band's debut CD is spring-loaded with southern-rock energy. Think back to the Georgia Satellites, or even Lynyrd Skynyrd, but add a bit of punk crunch and a touch of Big-and-Rich buffoonery.

A chinkling banjo enlivens the humor in the hard-rocking “Better Bad.” (“She's got a wiggle and walks with a grin/Where she stops I begin...When she's good she's really bad but when she's bad she's better”) The openers, “Mississippi Doublewide” and “Work,” are raucous, defiantly high-spirited blue-collar anthems whose minimalist choruses represent the bleakness of the working man's life. “Stay With Me” shows that the band is handy with a sad love song, too.

But Caddle's overriding theme is much more serious: drinking in bars. The narrator of “Afternoon Lies” is a bar owner, in fact: “The sun never shines on the inside of this bar of mine/The beer is cold and the stories told are sure to blow your mind”

The title track says it best: “Money's leavin' but I'm staying/Sling another drink to me/Party till it's morning/Baby what's your sign?/Daddy's got a brand new bag/Livin' on a dime.”

The CD is a very enjoyable ride. It might have one power ballad too many, although “Give Me A Dollar” is a fine one - guess what he needs the dollar for? (Hint: it has flashing lights, it's often found in a bar, and it plays music.) So, in spite of a slight sag in the center, Caddle's debut - unlike the protagonists in most of the songs - comes up a big winner. - Jon Sobel

"Melodic Magazine"

Imagine country artist Vince Gill singing with Lynyrd Skynyrd or why not Jon Bon Jovi writing country flavored rock tunes and let Georgia Satellites perform them, then we're pretty close to the sound of Caddle's debut "Raise 'em high".

Fans of country rock band Big & Rich might wanna check out this band because they know how to make those cowboy boots stomp along to the rocking beat of these songs.
Steel guitar, fiddle, banjo, harmonica and flying V guitars sure is a good receipt for a great sound and when they go out on a picnic with The Eagles in "Meet me at the bar", I have no further comment and just crank it up. – Kaj Roth -

"Mish Mash Magazine"

Every once and a while, a band will come along to wipe the slate clean. Caddle does just that, using their no-nonsense country rock to remind us that sometimes it's good to get back to the basics. Simply put, this is music from the bottom of the gutter --- down, dirty and just plain loud.

Southern Rock is the main attraction; chock full of redneck attitude and classic country-inspired plays on words, and those bases are all covered in the first song, Mississippi Doublewide. And it only gets better from there. Caddle is the band you want playing when you walk in the honky tonk, because they provide the perfect soundtrack for drowning sorrows or a good old-fashioned bar fight. - Mish Mash


"Raise 'em High" Full Length CD 2007

"Cuz Beer Don't Grow on Trees" EP 2005 (7 songs)

DURANGO BOOTS 40th Anniversary Compliation CD, 2005

RADIO PLAY: WVRU - Redford, WRAX - Birmingham, WLJS - Jacksonville, Creamy Radio - Arizona Internet Radio, Western Beat Radio - Nationally Syndicated, WBHM FM, RFB Musician's Radio

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Mixing gasoline and nitro would make a pretty impressive explosion, though nothing like the high-powered alt-country performance from these blue-collar boys from Birmingham. They’ve been called the bastard sons of Southern Rock and they have the pedigree to prove it: claiming influences as far-flung as classic rock and alt-country, not to mention classic country, punk and R&B. They use it all to make a sort of turbo-tonk stew of equal parts rock-n-roll and southern-fried raucous country.

This five member blue-collar band from Birmingham, Alabama is not trying to change the world just provide an escape from the daily grind with some Southern humor, hospitality and a hell raising stage show that makes music lovers everywhere stand-up and take notice. One taking notice is Billy Block of Western Beat Entertainment who said, "I have seen over 4,000 bands in the past ten plus years here on Western Beat and Caddle is without a doubt in my top three." Another taking notice is Sirius Radio’s channel 63 Outlaw Country station, which recently added three cuts from Caddle’s newly released album, “Raise ‘em High.”

Caddle has opened shows for artists such as Billy Joe Shaver, David Allan Coe, Hayseed Dixie, Molly Hatchet, the Reverend Horton Heat, Supersuckers, Burden Brothers, Dale Watson, Webb Wilder, The Exies, El Pus, Bobby Bare, Jr…as well as many other committed musicians with the dedication of breaking new markets one at a time. With music to record and tours to book, the band is trailblazing in high volume and a magnetic sing along style.

Caddle is hitting the road and sharing their music in hopes that you will jump in the van and join them on the ride.

Points of Interest

*Caddle’s Work, Raise ‘em High and Mississippi Doublewide is added to Sirius Radio’s regular rotation on channel 63 Outlaw Country.
*Caddle wins the Birmingham Music Awards (3/8/2007) Album of the Year.
*Caddle’s “Afternoon Lies” played on’s Pop Candy Podast with Whitney Matheson. All music! No interviews! Whitney plays a mix of her favorite new tunes from six
bands on the rise (Week 12/4/06 Podcast).
*Performing 2006 Festivals (to date): Buck Creek Festival (5/2007), Mucklewain Festival (8/2006), City Stages (6/2007), Do Dah Day (5/2006), Stokin’ the Fire BBQ Festival (8/2006), Legacy Fine Arts Festival (9/2006) and the Southside Festival (9/2006), Bayfest (10/2006).
Selected showcasing performers for the Atlantis Music Conference (10/2006) and the Midpoint Music Festival (9/2006).
*Winner of the WTAK FM Rock N Roll Demo Demolition (10/23/2005).

Additional Data

*Caddle’s “Mississippi Doublewide” was selected to be included in the MPMF “Midpoint Music Festival’s 2006 compilation CD which is fully funded and distributed by the conference.
*Caddle’s “Work” is the top requested song on The Creamy Goodness an Arizona based internet radio station.
*Caddle’s “Darlin Cory” selected for Durango Boots 40th anniversary compilation CD. Including artists such as Willie Nelson, Tift Merritt and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (2005).
*Caddle has played with such artists as Kid Rock, The Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyd, Blackberry Smoke, American Minor, Tishamingo, Chris Knight, Billy Joe Shaver and more.
*Radio Play on WQNR 99.9 FM (Auburn) 106.5 The Pirate (Mobile), WVRU 89.9 FM (Radford), WJSU 92J FM (Jacksonville), WRAX 107.7 X FM (Birmingham), Creamy Radio, Western Beat Live Radio Broadcast (Nationally Syndicated).

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