Cadence Finale

Cadence Finale


We are a hard rock and roll band with no gimmicks or agenda. We all love and respect all forms of music and we don't limit ourselves to just one style of song. We also make every attempt to be as original as possible, with as much integrity as possible.


We are a hard rock band who originated in the Brew City (Milwaukee, WI). As we all love and respect many musical styles, we have many influences. These influences include but are not limited to: Van Halen, Megadeth, Social Distortion, Deep Purple, and Led Zepplin. We all have somewhat similar backgrounds as the three of us previously played in another band. We are all extremely excited to be writing and recording new music. Our grand vision is to always be open and creative while constantly improving our musicianship. We tend to ‘paint’ from a very colorful pallet of songs. Simply stated – when you get Cadence Finale, you get three musicians who love to play and who love to surprise people. We hope to see you out there!


"Tommy Gun" - MySpace.
We have many more that are coming soon!

Set List

"Your Eyes"
"Another Torturous Monday"
"Broken Down"
"Tommy Gun"

...with many new ones (and covers) in the works.....