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This is what i like to call real indepent music. All the songs were recorded by me in my studio and I make most of the tracks also. Im pretty much a one man band that loves music to the fullest!! Ive done shows with major artist in Kansas, Arizona Utah, and Missourri.


The midwest has always looked for something that represented them. Now they have it in my music.
I was born in St. louis but I claim Kansas as my home. I pretty much do everything when it comes to music and i feel like i do it better then a lot of major artist, Im just waiting for preporation and oppurtunity to meet. I'm also a producer and i produced most of the songs on my albums. I LOVE MUSIC! I think that is the difference between me and everyone else. I never had a dream of the nba or nfl. My life since i was 5 singing in choir was to make music and i am blessed to be making a living off of my talents to this day.


Mp3 dimensional-2003
Keeper of the Plains-2008

Set List

my typical set for major shows is 20 min and my shows at clubs are 30 cause i do a lot of crowd interaction in a smaller venue.
I perform:
He dont even like you
Check my swagger
Pac Man
Nothin 2 me