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"Cashville Underground: Nashville's hip hop scene is poised to blow up"

“Cadence is the one artist cited by both the hard core rappers and the old-school hip-hoppers as a talent to watch.” - Nashville Scene

"Cadence Concert"

“{A} Hip Hop Powerhouse” - The Nashville Rage Magazine

"2003 Nashville Scene Reader's Poll"

“Best Hip Hop Artist, 2003”
- Nashville Scene

"Cadence Award Nomination"

"It's only a matter of time before everyone else catches up." - Ozone Magazine

"Editor's Pick"

"With conscious lyrics that are much more upbeat and fresh than most hip-hop today, Cadence word plays with furious inspiration. Coming at us via the unlikely home base of Nashville, Cadence thrills and wows with incredibly tight rhythms and stellar production." -

"Cadence, Songs of Vice & Virtue"

From the get go, you get the feeling that Cadence is just different. Sure, he's another hip hop artist in a sea of a gazillion of them but his approach just seems so much better than everyone else's. From the cover of the record (Dude…I need that coat) to what's on the disc, Cadence is a breath of fresh air in an often stale and boring Hip Hop scene.

Songs of Vice and Virtue is not just another rap record. In fact it's almost unfair to call this just Rap. This is a record that is intelligent, funny, articulate, and beyond professional. Cadence is the kind of guy that sights books on his liner notes as inspiration, pays tribute to his mom, takes a poke at himself, has Alvin and Chipmunks doing back up, features a trombone solo, and actually has written songs as opposed to a bunch of cliché rhymes and verses.

Cadence lies somewhere in the Kanye West, Outkast, Jurassic 5, camp of hip hop.
His music is based around Hip Hop but it expands beyond the boundaries of what that means. Songs of Vice and Virtue isn't afraid to get political, get up on a soap box and get angry about what's going on around it. It's ticked off but doesn't get violent because it's too intelligent for that. It strives to break the mould and it does a pretty good job of it.

Songs of Vice and Virtue is a lush almost orchestral record. (That's something you don’t hear very much when talking about your standard run of the mill Hip Hop album.) String laden songs chill out next to jazz influenced ones as Cadence rhymes and ponders the world around him all the while he stays true to himself.

"Squeaky Clean," "So Alone," and "Here I Am," show Cadence's immense talent. They're different, fun, serious, and more than anything good. The Hip Hop community needs more songs like these, more rhymes like these, more arrangements like these. In listening to Songs of Vice and Virtue one can hear the future of the genre beating out of the speakers.

Cadence and his Songs of Vice and Virtue album is something of a rarity nowadays. It's an album not centered on bling and babes. It's an album that is about so much more that usual cliches and this is why it stands out.
- First Coast News


"This album is some of the most innovative, self-styled hip-hop to come out this year." - Concrete Magazine


"From scratchy turntables and slap bass riffs to 2-minute trombone solos and splashy Rhodes organ fills, Nashville-based hip hop artist Cadence proves refreshingly creative and catchy." - The Murfreesboro Pulse


"Cadence is a cat that should definitely be peeped by anyone looking for some good, genuine music and head-nodding beats to match." -

"Cadence, Songs of Vice & Virtue"

This smart-mouth young rapper will draw immediate comparisons to another young rapper to hit the scene in recent years... but the similarities are shallow. Cadence may not have quite the acerbic wit of Eminem, but he brings a heart and soul to rap/hiphop that's sorely lacking in the mainstream. Opener "Comin' Back" directly addresses the war in Iraq, while "So Original" directly attacks mainstream rap's constant topics of sex, drugs, money and violence. Jesus and Che Guevara both get mentioned more than once. The track "Untitled 7/12/05" brings chills to my spine and "All Fall Down" is a serious song about drunk driving. The only track I could skip is "Squeaky Clean," which describes, um, a shower. Overall, this is an excellent album. - Hyperactive Magazine


Til My Death (2001)
The Book of Matthew (2002) (2 singles received radio rotation in Nashville, Knoxville and Huntsville)
Songs of Vice & Virtue (2006) (single is currently in rotation at Clear Channel's 101.1 The Beat Jamz and over 100 college radio stations)


Feeling a bit camera shy


In an industry rife with materialism and negativity, Cadence brings a refreshing outlook on life combined with a fresh take on the music he loves. He is intelligent, intriguing and entertaining, but most importantly, he is the real deal.

Cadence released his first independent album at the age of 18. The album went virtually unnoticed within the music industry, but did well to establish a fan base in the Middle Tennessee underground rap scene. His second album enjoyed a huge reception at Nashville hip hop radio and generated an enormous buzz in the streets of Tennessee, making him one of the most popular artists in the region. Cadence has been nominated for four “Southern Entertainment Awards” as well as an "Ozone Award" and was voted "Best Hip Hop Artist" by a Nashville Scene Magazine reader’s poll. He has performed onstage with superstar caliber artists across many genres, from the Oscar award winning Triple Six Mafia to country music mega star Kenny Chesney.

Now, Cadence is back with his most profound, innovative and entertaining piece of art to date, Songs of Vice & Virtue. The album has already been added to rotation at over 100 college radio stations and is being spun on Nashville's 101.1 The Beat Jamz.