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"Cadence Wednesday Uncovered"

by by juan buitrago


Cadence Wednesday is constantly trying to break out of cover land.

The band, started by lead guitar Matt Steeves and Sergio Muñoz on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, plays faithful covers of songs from grunge and alternative rock's heyday while striving to create new and original music.

Steeves and Muñoz met in 2004 and began jamming together, playing acoustic guitars on the beach. After several line-up changes, bassist Justin Hall and drummer Matt Larson joined in 2006.

They have been playing venues around Southwest Florida ever since and recorded an EP of original material called "Break Your Pride." They will be playing at 10 p.m. tonight and tomorrow at the Buddha Bar in Fort Myers.

• What influenced you to play music?

Muñoz: My dad played music all his life; I was always involved. When I was 8 years old, the drummer left so I stepped in.

That taught me a lot about the lifestyle.

Larson: I went over to my cousin's house a lot. He had a drum set and I just started playing.

• How would you describe your musical style?

Steeves: Original, acoustically driven alternative rock.

Muñoz: Not too hard, not too soft.

Steeves: We're the perfect porridge.

• Any anecdotes?

Steeves: One time, we smoked out the Brick Bar, shut down the whole building, a wedding reception was canceled. Their smoke machine malfunctioned.

• How would you describe the perfect performance?

Muñoz: When we wouldn't have to do any covers and the crowd enjoys it.

On top of that, they all want to buy our CD.

• How would you describe the local music scene?

Steeves: Completely changed in the past year. From something that was nonexistent to a core group of bands in the area that support each other.

Larson: The only problem is venues, venues that don't support original music.

• What are the songs that you like to perform the most?

Muñoz: Our own.

Steeves: Our freshest song, the one we just finished writing.

• Where does your name come from?

Steeves: First rehearsal on a Wednesday, coincidentally, it was weird that everything happened on a Wednesday.

Cadence, we always wanted to use that. It just rolls off your tongue.
- Gulf Coasting

"Cadence Wednesday"

Cadence Wednesday brings the musical interests of four boys with music in their blood together. The band is an acoustically driven alternative rock band lead by vocalist, Sergio Muñoz, who first dabbled in music by playing the drums. He and lead guitarist, Matt Steeves, started the band thanks to their passion for tunes. Alongside them, bassist Justin Hall and percussionist Matt Larson bring about one of the most impressive acoustic performances the Fort Myers local music vibe has seen. The boys announced they are working on a new full length-album scheduled for a fall 2008 release, but a name for the record has not yet been chosen. - Gulf Coast Times


Unity Gain Sessions 4 song EP
Break Your Pride- Full Length CD



Cadence Wednesday began in early 2004 when Sergio Munoz and Matt Steeves met each other through former band mates in Ft. Myers, Florida. Discovering they had similar musical interests, the decision was made to work together on a musical project. They were able to practice at a church, and in return for the free space, performed for the youth group every Wednesday. The sound evolved through hours of acoustic gigs in the Southwest Florida area. Beginning in a small ice cream shop in Fort Myers, to playing on a bench at Fort Myers Beach, they began showcasing their music for anyone who wanted to stop and listen.
In 2005 they completed their first EP titled “The Unity Gain Sessions”. It was immediately clear that combining Sergio’s lyrics with Matt’s guitars that something special was happening. Following the sessions, Sergio and Matt continued to play together at a bar in downtown Fort Myers. During the fall of 2006 Matt Larson walked by that bar and stopped in after hearing music he liked. After the gig, Matt offered the opportunity for Cadence Wednesday to become a full band once again. The decision was made to add drums to the band and the newly formed Cadence Wednesday hit the recording studio to lay down an acoustic version of “Going Away”. Longtime fan of the band, Justin Hall signed on as the bass player in November of 2006 to complete the band as a four piece.
The new Cadence Wednesday debuted on the New Years Eve of 2007 to hundreds of people in downtown Fort Myers. The following year Cadence Wednesday has exploded on the Southwest Florida scene headlining shows at several top rock venues. The powerful melodies and thought provoking lyrics have quickly translated to a strong Florida fan base. With a growing reputation for a dynamic high energy live show, the band was invited to open for national acts Shinedown and Seven Mary Three. Cadence Wednesday is currently writing new music and preparing to travel this summer in anticipation of a full length CD release this fall.