A true rollercoaster ride of sounds and emotions with a stage presence not to be denied. This tight , professional & fan friendly group is ----Caden's Cry


Love, sex, reparation, salvation, being and nothingness: these subjects entwine and separate in the music of singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Ryan Templeton. Driven by his intense creative focus and musical talent, Templeton started his one-man musical venture with the release of his solo album, "The Rise of My Fall" in April of 2007. After the successful release of "The Rise of My Fall", Templeton sought out to form a band to introduce his live music to the rest of the world. With the addition of Jason Swazay’s shredding guitar solo’s, Dave Shives rock solid bass foundation, and Becket Weir’s pounding drum rhythms, Caden's Cry was born.

Caden’s Cry cutting edge sound with hook driven radio friendly songs is sure to launch them to the forefront of today’s national Rock scene. Regarded as one of the most riff-driven and revered bands within the regional area, Caden’s Cry has developed a devoted cult following on the strength of continuous face-melting performances in venues all over the tri-state area, earning the praise of fans and fellow musicians as one of the next biggest "underground" bands. Flirting with a fusion of many different genres of rock, Ryan Templeton’s quest for illumination, forgiveness and sanctuary will continue through Caden’s Cry.

Featuring thirteen distinctive and relentlessly melodic rock tracks from “The Rise of My Fall”, Caden’s Cry opens with the edgy, electronic tone of "Denial," which turns to strident guitar-rock by the chorus. From the driving rock of "Will Not Follow" to the quiet charm of "Lullaby" to the serpentine bass and intense lyrics of "Final Say,” Caden’s Cry is in top form, delivering haunting, progressive performances in its own distinct style.

Caden's Cry is currently in the studio working on new material in hopes of releasing their first EP as a band in the Fall of 2008.
The bands goals are to continue to write memorable music and gain new fans and friends with every intense show.

Myspace Activity as of September 1st 2008
Profile views reaching 152,000
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The Rise Of My Fall (2007)

Set List

Usual set runs 1 hr of all original music.
Can play longer if needed