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Mood Music. You will feel emotions that you never knew you had. You will understand lifestyles that you have never experienced. My music is a combination of all that is within me that will connect to all that is within you. As you feeling change in day to day life my music will be there with you.


I'm a lyricist, write 2-3 songs daily, read as much as possible (knowledge is power). 24-7 on the grind, all work-no play, persistent. Determination--what I pride myself on. I'm as real as can be. Try to keep a smile as much as possible cause if you're laughing you're not crying. One of the best artists out. Love my culture, speak what's on my mind. Keep a business sense that's one of a kind, blunt and i dont give a FUCK. Im a dreambuilder, and appreciate anyone who chases they're dreams.YA HEARD


Mixtape- self titled with 16 tracks
Album- Self titled with 15 tracks (in the process of being mixed/mastered)

Set List

My set is what ever is required. From one feature song with another rapper to a three hour arena set with orchestra. Whatever you need.