Cadillac Cowboys

Cadillac Cowboys

 Clare, Michigan, USA

Rich musical heritage founded in the 70's Ann Arbor Music scene. Rockabilly, R&B, 50's &60's, Boogie Woogie, classic country - toe tappin' music with drive.


The Cadillac Cowboys, beginning with Friday afternoons at Mr. Flood's Party, Joe's Star Lounge and the Blind Pig and and adding in countless performances since, have created a nearly 30-year musical history. The band plays a mix of Western Swing, Classic Country, Boogie Woogie and Rock 'n' Roll, a conglomerate style which has been referred to as "Swing 'n' Roll".

It is rumored that once Anton Scalia rolled his eyes when he heard "Swing and Roll." "Those Cowboys are so cool," he said, they must be synthesizing the emotion, the time and the beat into what I would call 'Adult Saloon' music for the discriminating adult with a beer in his or her hand." In short, good time music.

The band has been working with several local non-profit organizations to help with their fund raising efforts. Working with these groups, we find a venue, partner in the publicity, the Cowboys provide the entertainment all proceeds go directly to the Charity.

We have been playing in a rotation of local bands at the PJ's live on Friday afternoons. The turnouts have been great. There is definitely a large "boomer" audience alive and well in Ann Arbor.

The Cowboys have thrived all these years playing in local joints and at local shindigs. A band to be seen and heard. 


Mike Smith and His Cadillac Cowboys
© 2000 Mike Smith and His Cadillac Cowboys

In an effort to recreate the typical Cadillac Cowboys listening experience, the tunes were recorded with no overdubbing, no punch-ins, no re-dos. This CD is a live in the studio recording.

As a listener, to do your part faithfully, simply turn it up, sit back, and sip a beverage of your choice.
Dancing is allowed.