Cadillac Recipe

Cadillac Recipe

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Love hating, love making music. Bringing music to your mouth and flavor to your ear.


After spending the past year cooking up their long awaited debut album, Cadillac Recipe is getting ready to share this flavor by finally releasing their album titled "A Cadillac Recipe", and playing some upcoming big local shows to head in to a summer or touring. The band’s culinary euphemistic lyrics send an honest message about sex, love and life’s spicy moments. The group originated in South Florida and has sizzled in to the emerging Orlando Music scene over the past few years. They have played at numerous regional musical festivals around the South such as The Taste of Orlando, The Central Florida Fall Fiesta, and Jambando Music and Art Festivals. It has come time for Cadillac Recipe to dish it out to larger audiences. Look for them touring in support of the self-titled album in 2011..


Debut Album: "A Cadillac Recipe"
First single: "Rocky Road"

Set List

Typical 90 minute original music set list:
1. Back in the Kitchen
2. Easy Bake L'oven
3. Rocky Road
4. Watermelon & Grapes
5. The Pink Onion
6. Cold Turkey
7. Ends Meat
8. The Joy of Almonds
9. Bread and Butter
10. Leftovers

Cover songs for days, but we love reggae, so don't be suprised if we only do a sick reggae set. Sorry, it happens...