A lot of soul! A lot of rock n roll!


Cadre is a rock n roll band that plays soul...or a soul band that plays rock n roll. Highly influenced by such TV shows as "What's Happening", "The A-Team", "That's My Mama", "Sanford & Son", and other syndicated titles, Cadre is the kind of band that can be described perfectly as the new Classic TV show.


We have one demo so far called "Special Feature". The cover boasts a photograph of us in our stylish kung-fu uniforms of prosperity. Yes that's right we're developing our own 70's-style of kung fu known as Step-off-fu!!!

Set List

Well... we haven't really timed the set list.
Let's see... we have twelve?...eleven...TWELVE!!!
Twelve songs. Each one is about 4:15 long...average.