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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"EP Review by"

EVERSINCEJULY - s/t (trendy winds)
Sam Hurd is the young guy behind Eversincejuly. He plays accoustic guitar and sings about broken hearts. That's it basically. Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, since the success of Dashboard Confessional singer/songwriters seem to start making music again. Sam does quite well, and since he is still young I forgive him that he just sings about broken hearts, not also about empty bottles. I can live with this kind of music. It's simple, yes, but I think it can grow. If you liked the last Chamberlain record and Dashboard Confessional, you'll also like this. Good luck dude! - emoisdead

"Helper Monkey Radio"

Ever Since July

Rating 5 / 5

Ever Since July is from Newport News, VA, and is a one person show.

Out of all the Trendy Winds bands that I play on Helper Monkey Radio...Eversincejuly is my favorite. I guess it's because I am a sucker for acoustic music. I have said it many times before and I will say it again, there is nothing like a artist sittin' infront of a crowd with just guitar pouring his heart out to the audience.

I will not go on and on about how much I love Ever Since July becuase I would most likey be typing for a long time. Let me just say the guitar is awesome, the lyrics are awesome and the music is just awesome. - helper monkey radio

"Frome Someone Who Knows Song Review"

Here is a review of "From Someone Who Knows," which is track from the newly released full length:

"Sonically this thing sounds great. Sam's voice has a cool Dashboard Confessional quality to it. The chorus is strong and I love how the bridge works--it changes pace without interrupting too much, and it stretches nicely. Harmonies work well! Way to go Cadence."

other comments about Cadence from Taxi:

"The music is very engaging and Vocals certainly help sell the song. They're intimate and I love the chorus vocals!" Overall 8/10 -

"Cadence-eversincejuly Album Review"

When I saw the album cover and read the name Cadence, I immediately had high hopes for this band. I wasn’t sure what to expect so when I heard I was a bit surprised. It is a real chill album. The album streams through acoustic guitar, violin, paino and a soft toned singer. Sam Hurd started with a solo project Eversincejuly but is now the front man (literally he does singing, guitar and drums) of Cadence. The ep is a 12 song mix with great song titles. One Night Romance, Chocolate Kisses and the Last of the Lullabies, and The Past Is Present.

The tone throught the album is really calm. I expect to hear this at bookstores, coffee shops and the like. Some of the songs could be stronger if they were a little more uptempo and had more change in the singing. With that said though, I enjoyed the album. Aaron Prevatte has great violin and it owns the song. The acoustic strum riffs sound beautiful mixed with the violin also on A Simple Brown Jacket. Sam’s voice compliments the sound Cadence has and he can really hold a note.

In my opinon Cadence is a good listen but you get a little bored in the middle of the cd. It does pick back up on track 7 though. Sit back with your significant other, put this cd on, and you are gonna get some kisses.

Highs: One Night Romance The Past Is Present Aaron Prevatte
Overall: 3/5

-Justin -


the slowest fall - Debut EP release
6 Track EP self release, but distributed under

eversincejuly- Debut Full Release
12 Track album featuring over 12 instruments and promising tunes that will stay in your head for hours!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Cadence began in 2003 as a solo project for singer/songwriter Sam Hurd under the pseudonym "Eversincejuly." Sam experienced moderate success being signed to (a promotions and distribution INC), and even obtaining a clothing sponsor. At first, Eversincejuly was stricktly an acoustic project, but that was changed to something much more with the addition of Todd Woodburn (violin, back up vocals), Greg McCracken (piano, string arrangements), and Steve Hadinger (bass). With a new name, and a new sound, Cadence has become an innovative group that combines many different music styles into something completely new. From straight rock songs to solo ballads, the strings, drums, and pianos form the perfect landscape for Sam Hurd's powerful acoustic songs. With mild success, Cadence is already being noticed by music fans and is getting some very promising attention. Their first full-length album, titled "Eversincejuly," was released in June '05, and shows with the new band are being planned for the fall.

You can find out more about Cadence at:

Album sales have recently picked up very much with the help of over 100 friend requests a day at and is currently available for purchase from and download at the itunes music store.

Cadence has played many concert venues and coffee shops in Central and Eastern Va, including campus universities, and boardwalks at VA Beach. Cadence has also played a few places in Europe due to quickly growing fan base in the UK.