Cadence is about connecting with people on an intimate level. Each song is direct yet vague enough that all genres of people can relate. With catchy vocals and foot tapping guitar riffs echoed by soothing violin melodies you can't help but put yourself in the plot of every story so beautifully told.


Cadence began in 2003 as a solo project for singer/songwriter Sam Hurd under the pseudonym "Eversincejuly." Sam experienced moderate success being signed to (a promotions and distribution INC), and even obtaining a clothing sponsor. At first, Eversincejuly was stricktly an acoustic project, but that was changed to something much more with the addition of Todd Woodburn (violin, back up vocals), Greg McCracken (piano, string arrangements), and Steve Hadinger (bass). With a new name, and a new sound, Cadence has become an innovative group that combines many different music styles into something completely new. From straight rock songs to solo ballads, the strings, drums, and pianos form the perfect landscape for Sam Hurd's powerful acoustic songs. With mild success, Cadence is already being noticed by music fans and is getting some very promising attention. Their first full-length album, titled "Eversincejuly," was released in June '05, and shows with the new band are being planned for the fall.

You can find out more about Cadence at:

Album sales have recently picked up very much with the help of over 100 friend requests a day at and is currently available for purchase from and download at the itunes music store.

Cadence has played many concert venues and coffee shops in Central and Eastern Va, including campus universities, and boardwalks at VA Beach. Cadence has also played a few places in Europe due to quickly growing fan base in the UK.


Calls You Late

Written By: Sam Hurd

and he calls you late
and you don't hesitate to stop me in my words
he calls to say that it's too much for him
and he wants you back...i can hear it in his tone
dodging the questions. covering intentions

and he's breaking you
and you still love him in the end

so i chose to leave your side that night
so you could take the side you like
and even though you said those words
even though you said that
I was the sweetest guy you've ever met

and good luck with your decision in the end
with your past its been proven broken
and i've realized your heart will never be quite right.

Aaron Prevatte

Written By: Sam Hurd

sometimes it's hard to say
what we truely feel
and these words are meant to help
to remember to heal
for someone so close
to be taken away
it doesn't seem fair, but you gotta remember
that life goes on, and it won't be too long
and I know it's not easier to move on,
well just move on and get back to carolina
and try to say goodbye. a good goodbye. goodbye.

One Night Romance

Written By: Sam Hurd

i hope that i'm not dreaming
that you were the one clinging to me
proceeding with caution I'm bleeding exhaustion,
but where you even there? I was there.
It was completly unexpected and I knew that i'd regret it
but I jut wanted our past to come to life for one night

and i could only hope I wasn't just another set of lips
to foolishly embrace yours
we had a history and somehow I believed
that I could mean something to you

and as our lips connected
I no longer felt rejected
as I realized we would never be the same
I asked you to take it slowly...take it slowly

and I guess you could say in a way
your kiss broke my heart,
but that's okay cause I asked for it
and maybe I don't regret it

I was completly unexpecting
of what happened as the next thing
you asked for one more kiss from me to you
on that night you were smooth with your clues
and your blatant hints
and i was taken by your touch,
but as the moment crept closer I knew the wait was over
and we had our chance at our one night romance

and as our lips connected
I no longer felt rejected
as I realized we would never be the same
I asked you to take it slowly again, again

just one more,
because I couldn't see
if you looked at me the same


the slowest fall - Debut EP release
6 Track EP self release, but distributed under

eversincejuly- Debut Full Release
12 Track album featuring over 12 instruments and promising tunes that will stay in your head for hours!

Set List

1. A Simple Brown Jacket
2. Something Different
3. Chocolate Kisses and the Last of the Lullabies
4. One Night Romance
5. From Someone Who Knows
6. Portland, 1920
7. Aaron Prevatte
8. London Bridge
9. Last Minute Deadline
10. Calls You Late
11. The Past Is Present
12. The Engineer (+hidden)

set lists change from venue to venue depending on the time allowed and the equipment provided. We don't typically do covers, but are able to upon earlier request from the venue host.