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original, traditional, and historical Celtic music on clairseach (medieval-style brass-strung Irish harp) and sung in Celtic and other languages


From haunting Celtic lullabies, through songs of intense grief and pain, to strains of healing and hope, Caera’s music always contains an authenticity that can be hard to find in today’s music, or even in today’s world in general. Beautiful, powerful soprano vocals blend with the bell-like tones of her brass-strung Gaelic harp to create music that carries people through emotional, physical, and spiritual realms.

Caera performs a variety of songs from a variety of time periods and places. She performs songs and chants from the Middle Ages, mostly from northern and western Europe. She also has an ever-growing repertoire of traditional songs from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Man. Many of these songs are in the native languages of these countries. She has a particularly strong interest in the sean nos singing tradition of Ireland, and in the puirt a beul (mouth music) singing tradition in Scotland. She has studied these styles in the Boston area and in Ireland. In addition, Caera writes her own original songs, in English as well as in Irish Gaelic.

While Caera is very passionate about the music, languages, history, and spirituality of her Celtic ancestors, she is also very concerned with the real struggles of real people in today’s world. She may write and sing about timeless goddesses and fairies or modern women and children with the same passion and intensity. Her music is imbued with Celtic mysticism but it also stays real.

Throughout her career as a performing musician, Caera’s singing has been compared to that of Máire ‘Moya’ Brennan (of Clannad), Nóirín ní Riain, Karen Mattheson (of Capercaillie), Karan Casey, Loreena McKennitt, and several other notable singers in Celtic music. She has also collected such comments from her audiences as “Now I know the angels sing in Gaelic,” and “I would walk on broken glass to hear you sing.”

Caera has released five full-length albums, and has performed and sold CD’s throughout the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe. She has won at least 9 gold medals for Gaelic singing, poetry, and harp performance at various Feisean (Gaelic competitions). Several publications, including “The Boston Globe” and Canada’s “Celtic Heritage” magazine, have run feature articles about Caera and her music. And her biggest accomplishment to date is to have been on two official ballots for the 2008 Grammy Awards.

Whether through spiritual dreamworlds or through the day to day struggles of the world we all share, this music can augment your journeys with sweetness and strength.

For more information or booking, please call (206)495-8193, or email caerasinger[at]gmail[dot]com (type it correctly to prove you’re not a spambot). Caera’s electronic press kit is available online at . Her own web site is , and her music can also be found at and .


One Small Drop

Written By: Caera

one small drop
falls from high in the sky
one small tear
grief and pain reappear
each drop falls
each then makes their way
through the earth
as through birth, to where the river flows...
and falls....and bends....and winds

carving bowls out of stone
cleansing ages of dirt
wearing down anything in its way

one light spray
joining millions of drops
cleansing the air
making magic everywhere it falls...
and rises.... I I rise

carve out the pain from my heart
cleanse my ages of grief
wear down fears that still lie in my way
rush through my anger and pain
pour into my hollow stone
carry new life to an old wounded soul

one small drop...

Bronntanais na Sioga (Gifts of the Fairies)

Written By: Caera

Bronntanais na Síóga (Gifts of the Fairies)

Tá na síóga a’ rince timpeall do chliabhán chun coimirce a’ thabhairt dhuit.
Tá na síóga a’ rince timpeall do chliabhán chun bronntanais a’ thabhairt dhuit.

Is feidir go ngortfaidh daoine thú, ‘s do cholann sobhriste bheag
Ach beidh neart agat is leigheasfaigh tú go tapadh

Is feidir go mbeidh am nuair nach n-éistfidh éinne leat
Ach lá éigin beidh glór ‘ad ag dul istigh i gcroí gach duine á chloisteal

Is feidir go mbeidh tú gan baile nó cairde lá amhain
Ach cloisfidh tú ar gceol, ‘s beidh fios ‘ad nach mbeidh tú leat féin

Is feidir trí na cruatain seo nach ngéilfidh tú roimh gruaim
Ach gheobhaidh tú séan is sonas i gceol ‘s i ndúchas i gconaí

Is feidir go mian leat a bheidh pairteach den damhsa na síóga
Ach beidh fios agat cén fath go bhfuil tú pairteach sa domhan seo

The fairies are dancing around your cradle to give you protection
The fairies are dancing around your cradle to give you gifts

It’s possible people will hurt you and your fragile, little body
But you will have strength and will heal quickly

It’s possible there will be a time when no one will listen to you
But some day you will have a voice that touches the heart of everyone who hears it

It’s possible one day you will be homeless and without friends
But you will hear our music, and you will know you’re not alone

It’s possible through these hardships you will not give in to depression
But you will always find joy and prosperity in music and in nature

It’s possible you will wish to join our dance [and be a fairy]
But you will know why you are part of this world


Written By: Caera

© Caera 2006

Water horses, white horses, wild horses
Eacha uisce, capaill bhána, capaill fiáine
In the crest of the wave, in the clouds in the sky, in my eyes as we soar so high

One red and pink patch of clouds looks like a mesa or Uluru
With its shadows and its cliffs that jut out into the light
With its ridges, and layers, and height
Towering over the desert, the stones and the shrubs that spread out to the edge of the sky

Is that land below? Or a dark, dense cloud below the white, fluffy clouds close to me?
A sandbar in the water through the mists, or a hole in the clouds, through the cirrus? Water patterns on sand, wind patterns on the sea, or cloud patterns in the sky below me?

Is that land ahead? Looks like an island in the sky on a sea of clouds stretching to the horizon.
Tracks in the snow, footprints in the sand, impressions in the clouds (or sea or land)?
Ridges in the clouds, waves and ripples on the sea, rolling hills across the scenery…

Suantrai (Seothin Seotho)

Written By: Irish traditional

Seóthín, seóthó, mo stóirín, mo leanbh,
Mo sheoid gan chealg, mo chuid den tsaol mhór.
Seóthín, seóthó, nach mór é a taithneamh,
Mo stóirín ina leaba, ‘na chodladh gan brón.
A leanbh mo chléibh, go n-éiri do chodladh leat,
Séan agus sonas a choice ‘do chomhair.
Seo beannacht Mhic Dé agus téagar a Bhuime leat.
Téir a chodladh gan bíogadh go ló.

Ar mhullach a tSí tá síoga geala,
Fá chaoinré an earraigh ag imirt a spóirt
Seo iad aniar chun glaoch ar mo leanbh
Le mian é a tharraing isteach sa Lios Mór.
Goirm thú, a chroí! Ní bhfaighidh siad do mhealladh
Le brí a gcleas, ná le binneas a gceol.
Tá mise led’ thaobh ag guí ort na mbeannacht,
Seóthín, a leanbh, ní imeoidh tú leo.

Os comhair mo lao go míochair ceanúil (cean’mhail AMS),
Tá dílroisc aingeal ag faire ina threo,
Le mórghrá dian á’ iarraidh chun bealaigh
Mar b’aoibhne Flaithis dá rachadh sé leo.
A stór mo chroí, luigh siar i do leaba,
Le taobh do mhama is ea fhanfair go fóill.
Ní mór liom ag Día mo shiamsa ‘gus m’aiteas,
Mo ríocht ar talamh i dteannta mo bhróid.

Seóthín, seóthó [soothing words with no English translation], my treasure, my child,
My jewel with no flaw, my own in the great world.
Seóthín, seóthó, isn’t it a great pleasure,
My little treasure in his bed, asleep without sadness.
Child of my bosom, have a good sleep,
Good fortune and happiness be yours forever.
This is the son of God’s blessing and the comfort of his mother for you.
Go to sleep without stirring ‘til day.

On top of the fairy hill are bright fairies
Under a soft, spring moon playing and sporting.
Here they are from the west to call for my child
Wishing to draw him into the great ringfort.
I call you, my heart! They won’t entice you
With the strength of their tricks or the sweetness of their music.
I am at your side, blessing you,
Seóthín, child, you won’t leave with them.

In front of my calf [child] with loving tenderness
The kind eyes of angels are watching over him
With intense great love wanting him to go their way
Because Heaven would be more delightful if he went with them.
Treasure of my heart, lie back in your bed,
By your mommy’s side you will stay a while yet.
I’m grateful to God for my amusement and my pleasure,
My kingdom on earth with my pride and joy.

Drinking as Teenagers

Written By: Caera

Drinking as Teenagers ©2006 Caera

A long time ago you were my closest friend
And I wouldn’t have believed that would ever end
We were like partners trying to get by
In a house full of children with adults who made us cry
With beatings, thrashings, groundings, and more
But when they’d yell they could tear right through ya
We’d fight and we’d shout but we couldn’t get out
Oh poor Johnny what’ve they done to ya

What made you first begin drinking as teenagers
When we were all trapped in a home – source of all danger

Well the social workers decided to leave us there
And the situation only got worse each year
One time you nearly smashed our sister’s face
Through a window when we’d been left alone in that place
And I thought you were scared and hadn’t known it would break
I didn’t see what was coming through ya
You used think but how much would you drink?
Oh poor Johnny what has happened to ya?

What made you first begin drinking as teenagers
When we were all trapped in a home – source of all danger

When I was 17 they threw me out in a fight
And gave you my room to make it look alright
Less than one year later they threw you out too
16 years old and there was nothing we could do
It was hard to find safety or a place to sleep
But other unwanted kids spoke to ya
You’d all spend the night trying to cope with this plight
Oh poor Johnny what’ve they done to ya?

Who left you out all night drinking as teenagers?
Who left you without any home, source of new danger?

Now it’s more than 10 years since we were thrown out
Some would say that’s enough to turn your life about
But you’re still out drinking almost every night
What they did to you was wrong but what you’re doing isn’t right
You can’t hold a job, you can’t hold a drink
You can’t stay sober when your child is coming to ya
It feels like each day you go further away
Oh poor Johnny what has happened to ya?

What makes you spend all night drinking with teenagers
When you could be safe at home, free from all danger?


Caniadau -- Mor Gwyddelig EP, 2002
Go Raibh Maith Agat -- Caera EP, 2003
Wake the Dragon -- Mor Gwyddelig album, 2004
Through Misty Air -- Caera album, 2004
Traditional Irish Gaelic Children's Songs -- Caera book and CD set, 2006
Suantraighe: A Collection of Celtic Lullabies -- Caera album, 2006
Eist le mo Sceal (Listen to my Story) -- Caera album, 2006

Set List

Sets can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Anything longer than one hour may be broken up with short breaks (for example, an hour and a half composed of 2 sets of 45 minutes each broken up by a 5 - 10 minute break).

An example of what I could do could include any combination of the following:

Harp and voice:
The Selchie (trad. Scottish; in Scots)
Through Misty Air (original; mostly in English) 7 min.
In Fading Light (original; in English) 3 min.
A Promise Unbroken (original; in English) 5 min.
Longing (original; in English) 4 min.
Tugaim Dhuit mo L�mh (original; in Irish) 3 min.
Amhran Chuig an Stoirm (original; in Irish) 3 min.
F�ilte a R�n (original lyrics, tune trad. Irish) 5 min.
Ie Voz Prioz (medieval French) 3 min.
She Moved Through the Fair (trad. Irish)
Symbols (original; in English) 3 min.
If Only I�d Known (original; in English) 5 min.
D�n Do Shuile (trad. Irish)
�ire Mo Chro� (original; in Irish) 3.5 min.
One Small Drop