Caesar Da Don

Caesar Da Don

 Dallas, Texas, USA
BandHip Hop

Southern Hip Hop on a whole nother platform, the lyrics, the swag and the teqnik. The Streetz is back, who say we not spitting down south. Dallas, Tx ain't all about dancing and ringtones. We getting it in!! CAESAR DA DON THE NEW BECOMING!!


Southern hip hop on a whole other platform, the lyrics, the swag, the teqnik. Finally, an artist that brings it all together. We introduce, “Caesar Da Don” the founder of one of the most influential rap groups from Dallas, TX, “Philly Station”. Caesar, as known by most, born Brandon D Wills, is Dallas born and bred. Raised from the hoods and environment of Highland Hills and Oak Cliff, he has always had aspirations and goals to be better than his peers and surroundings. As quoted from Biggie, “streets is a short stop/ Either you're slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot. ...”(Ready To Die, Things Done Changed). When the loved of football and basketballs short due to medical conditions he started emerging himself into the rap game. Caesar later graduated from Lancaster High School, one of many notable celebrities such as National Artist Dorrough(N-Genieus/E-1 Koch), as well as Larry Dibbles(NFL Europe), Jacques Reeves(Dallas Cowboys), and Eddie Moten(Philadelphia Soul) just to name a few. Following high school Caesar attended Tyler Junior College for Broadcasting and journalism for a few years. While at TJC, Caesar hustling ethics became strong. Through his hard times and hustling to survivor, he gained his cocky attitude in his freestyling abilities. Caesar would later leave school, and move back home to Dallas due to troubles at school.
With inspiration of the mogul Master P and those to follow, and how hip hop was evolving into a culture, Caesar started his own label along with now business partner and childhood friend Gunna. With the knowledge that Gunna had of the music business, “Philly Station Records” would emerge. Through a working relationship Caesar would join up with Andrew Price a.k.a. A.P. the Apostle and they would form the group Philly Station. The group would later add four more members, labeling them the “Wu-Tang” of Dallas by many. Within the group, Caesar came to stand out and build himself a name with his diverse and gutta style amongst his peers. The group later would go on to drop several mixtapes, get national attention through Ozone Magazine article “Dallas Got Next” as they where mentioned as one of the hottest acts coming up out of Dallas, Bad Boy South Showcase, and K104(KKDA) Battle of the Hometown Showdown with two hits(Kountry/Drank N My Cup). They won the first annual "Biggest Rap Contest Ever" held in Dallas, Tx. putting them up as the premier group to watch. They have wrecked the stages of many clubs and venues within the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex, and outside of the city as well. The well known group has spreaded over much of Texas and surrounding states with there constant flow on mixtapes and projects with various artist. Philly Station grasp the spotlight @ The 4th Annual Dirty South Hip-Hop Awards, held in Dallas, Tx., making it a night to remember and solidifying why they are the best in Dallas as well as the south. So Caesar is no stranger to the spotlight. With the group doing well Caesar slowly transformed himself as a solo artist, with goals in mind of building himself a name.
Caesar has since built a monstrous name amongst Dallas artist. Electricifying both studio and the stage, he has come to perform over hundreds of shows both with the group and solo abroad. He has hit many stages throughout the DFW metroplex, as well as out of town, such as Austin, various cities in East and West Texas, to include out of state, Memphis, Panama City, Fl., to name a few. Caesar has rocked the stage along some of the game heavy hitters such as Wu-tang, Trae the Truth, Slim Thug, Young Bleed, as well as Dallas own Lil Will(My Dougie), Trai’D(Gutta Chick), Tum Tum(Caprice Musik), and Paper Chaserz(Franky) just to start off. Caesar has been praised by some of the most respectable entertainers in the music industry, such as The Legendary D.O.C., Erykah Badu, 6-Two, Young Bleed and many other entertainers in the region. From dealing with the struggles of the street and music, to never meeting his life incarcerated father, and daughters in mind, Caesar stays on his hustle 24/7 and constantly keeps it 100% real in his music. So, if you are looking for the best, “you have found It! The UGK soul, the Jay-Z mind frame, the future of Hip Hop is, “CAESAR DA DON”!


Dream Big(2009)
Drank N My Cup(2006)

Hush Money(2009)
Time 2 Blow(2009)
Code Red(2008)
And many more...

Set List

typically 7-15min sets