cafebar 401

cafebar 401


The U.S.-based indie label Wampus Multimedia released the debut CD of Cafebar 401 (from the Netherlands). From there on things go fast.


Radio stations that already used some music of the band. :WSVN, Cyberstorm radio, Alchemical Radio, JRRI Ireland, LMNOP radio, WPKN-FM, , KinkFM, 2FM nacht, 3FM nacht, Giel Beelen, Buzz NCRV, Eline 3FM (live), RTV Oost, Omroep Brabant, Radio Rijnmond, L2 Limburg, RUG radio Groningen , FREEZ FM Leeuwarden, Omroep Amstelveen, RTV Veluwezoom , Omroep Hengelo , De Loods Zwolle, Delta FM ,, VPRO 3voor12 webradio , Planete Indie (Belgique), Lord Litter Radio Show, Dollev Deviates, SBS hart van nederland (tv), MTV, Kweevak radio ( heavy rotation),, Omroep Zwolle , Radiosix (Scotland), Planetrock , radio Seagull, The Overflow (Garry Lee), Radio Heemskerk (Mark from Holland), RTV Rijswijk,, RTL Boulevard (tv), 3FM (Dolf Jansen), 3FM (Sandersjow), 3FM 3voor12 Dubbel Check, 3FM 3voor12 interview 14 jan after Eurosonic gig, Club 3voor12 live from Amsterdam, 3FM Coen Swijnenberg, Swijnenstal, KAOSFM (Australie), Rawegg Radio (USA) , RTV Rijnmond , IRADIO LA, FM 98.5 CKWR (Canada), (USA) , (USA), (USA), Air Peace FM, Leith FM , 98,5 YOUR FM (Canada), M4 Radio (USA), Sandersingle "Something worth dying for", Radio 1, stavanger (Norge), Planet of Sound (USA), LUVeR Radio USA, LAST.FM Radio, Radiomike Austin tx, Radio Mortale, ETV Rotterdam, The On The Horizon Radio network and numerous Podshows from all over the world.

It rarely happens you're going to see a show of a well known band and you get thouroughly impressed by the support act. That happened to 3 reporters of 3voor12 region The Hague, who went to see Hallo Venray on the 12th of march in Leiden. Cafebar 401 deserves a review on their own!

When you're from The Hague, you know your bands. But the main problem of the 'Hague Scene' is bands all sound alike. The Kane-Direct-Anouk lookalike circuit is huge and the Hallo Venray style Americana bands are also countless. It's a breeze to enter the LVC totally unprejudiced to get browbeat by a band that plays almost un-Dutch but comes from the hinterland, far away from the part in the land where its all supposed to happen. Because who knows where Luttenberg is? You could compare them to 'Skik', who also come from a place most people can't point out on a map.

We're standing in front enjoying ourselves. Everything's right with this band. Great vocals, interesting tempo changes and rythmes, instrument control and fascinating songs. Not a band where you quickly start thinking: more of the same. Every song has something suprising, something characteristic. Admirable how they perform too. It isn't easy to support a reknown band as Hallo Venray, but yet this band really stands out. Vocalist-Guitarplayer-Pianoman Tije Oortwijn smiles and looks confidently into the venue. The others in the band are more engaged with making music, but it swings, it gets you excited. This is a band we would like to see on every big summerfestival and not only on those in the eastern part of the country.

We received 2 nominations on
Brought the band a lot of publicity, even 2 items prime time in national tv showbizz news program RTL Boulevard.

20,000 Streets Under the Sky, Marah
Hot Fuss, The Killers
The Libertines, The Libertines
Cafebar 401, Cafebar 401
Franz Ferdinand, Franz Ferdinand
Modern Artillery, The Living End

“Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” (Japanese version), The Flaming Lips
“Steve McQueen,” Lambchop
“Something Worth Dying For,” Cafebar 401
“Texas Is the Reason,” Spiraling
“Dreaming in Two Hour Drives,” Teitur

Brimming with darkly sweet pop hooks,
Cafebar 401's music blends Bowie-esque vocal presence with danceable grooves firmly rooted in Euro-rock.
Currently setting the Dutch pop scene tunefully ablaze, Cafebar 401 has appeared on Dutch national television and radio.
Their relentlessly contemporary sound calls to mind Coldplay, Masters of Reality, Muse, Beck, Soulwax, Radiohead, and Queens of the Stone Age, but Cafebar 401 brings something else entirely of their own to the party.
Don't miss it.

The U.S.-based indie label Wampus Multimedia released the debut CD of Cafebar 401.
The deal brought the band a lot of publicity, regional newspapers published interviews,
there was a big article in dutch most important daily newspaper "De Telegraaf",
a live performance at 3FM and even a special on TV with SBS6.

Cafebar 401 gigged at many important venues in the Netherlands, like 013, Atak, Hedon, Paard, Vera, Lantaarn and Effenaar
Also on many festivals like Dauwpopfestival, Struikpaaspop, IO-festival, Virus festival, Eurosonic, and Bev


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Written By: Jo

Listen to all songs of the debut cd on or under Multimedia

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Debut CD cafebar 401 - Cafebar 401
April - May 2006 the recordings for the second CD will be ready - Record companies that are interested... mail us

Debut CD available at at at i-tunes at and many more places


Set List

Cafebar 401 only plays originals
Sometimes a cover of Masters of Reality

Go see them ..... You will be surprised !!