Caffeine Machine

Caffeine Machine


Quinn Waters’ Caffeine Machine features a 10 piece myriad of musical talents who's alternative-folk inspired sound creates a cinematic stage show worthy of large venues and broad audiences.


Quinn Waters started Caffeine Machine in his bedroom as a dare from a friend who challenged Waters to write, record, and release a full-length album. The result is Race Music, a heartfelt debut record with dramatic arrangements, earthy vocals, and captivating melodies.

Waters is no stranger to the hardships of life as an artist. In January of 2012, while recording Race Music, he was shot point blank through the back of his left shoulder while parked outside of a friend’s house in Northern Liberties Philadelphia. The bullet exited through the front of his neck, barely missing his Adam’s apple and fracturing his collarbone. Waters gradually recovered through five months of physical therapy before he was able to hold and play his guitar. His narrow escape from death inspired the completion of Race Music, an honest journey of love, loss, life, and the meaning of it all.

Race Music “starts with wrenching strings and horns on “Kerosene Theme,” inviting the listener into a scene of something mournful, then leading them into the gripping “Nothing to Me,” the album’s standout. The stomp-along, “Eros” feels like it was born in new weird-America and shows Waters at his most adventurous, employing vocal effects and being a bit more daring behind the mic.”- WXPN 88.5 The Key

Waters’ work under Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory combined with his own personal film studies, provide a solid foundation for Caffeine Machine. The current released videos for singles Nothing to Me, Drifting Away, & Untitled #8, showcase an unconventional approach to the oversaturated indie music scene. Every video was written, directed and produced by Waters. Nothing to Me “uses hauntingly powerful horn and string arrangements as atmosphere to paint a cinematic one-shot of gore-less violence.” While Drifting Away features black-light dancers in a mythical world “floating in a sea of darkness telling the story of a lost soul seeking a meaning. Musically melancholy, it is juxtaposed well with a barrage of colors and movements.”-


Boombox Trident - 2011
Race Music - 2012